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Dear Friend, Tomorrow May Never Come

Dear Friend, Tomorrow May Never ComeThank You, Dear Friend

Today you reminded me how tomorrow may never come. I hate the way in which you sent the reminder. But you always were straight to the point, however tough the conversation seemed. Today, my dear friend, I will hug my babies tighter.

More I Love You’s

More I love you’s will be yelled out, phone calls returned, and friends’ emails replied to.

Today I will spend less time on my phone being idle, and instead spend more time with my family.

I will say “thank you” more and smile frequently. I will remember my blessings. 

Memories and Time

Your voice will be my reminder.

Make memories instead of writing them on a bucket list.” The list never seems to get shorter, but with you in mind, now it will. Thanks to you, I will not waste time. All of those “someday” moments will become “now” moments.

I will forever treasure you. Your heart, your soul, and your spirit. 

Dear Friend, thank you for making me live rather than remaining in a state of simply moving along. 

Moving Along vs Living

It might sound strange to say that we want to live rather than just keep moving along, but it makes perfect sense. We can easily get stuck in a cycle, but something I was taught recently (and rather harshly) made me rethink this. Sometimes we get so tired and busy with family, work, and friends that instead of doing all those things that make us happy (memory making rather than the mundane), we end up going through life just trying to get through the hours. 

Instead of wishing the hours away, why don’t we simply do those bucket list items? Maybe we can’t fly to Hawaii this evening, but we can have a picnic with the kids rather than squabble around the dinner table. Instead of cleaning up the toys (honestly, does it really matter in the end?), let’s ride our bikes together. Rather than talking about the massage we need, we should make an appointment to actually get one.

Tomorrow may never come.

Rather than thinking about everything that you want to do (and then doing the things that you think you should do), you need to just get up and live the life that makes you happy. 

On a more personal note, I do not care if my house looks a mess anymore. I am too busy making memories. Thank you, Sarah.

Dear Friend, Tomorrow May Never Come

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