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How to Transform Everyday Moments into the Best Memories

How to Transform Everyday Moments into the Best MemoriesWhat are your life’s best memories? Do you really appreciate the everyday moments, or do you just go through the motions? I’ve been thinking about this lately, which made me think of Cher’s wise words “If I could turn back time” and how those everyday moments really do turn into the best memories. 

When I think back to which times I would want to freeze or relive over and over again, my kids come to mind. This year, my eldest began kindergarten and my youngest turned one. I want to relive the first smile (and I mean the real smile, not the gassy smile that we delight in!) Or the first clap followed by the look of joy as they realize they have learned something new. Those moments of pure childhood excitement when they learn a new fact at school and come running towards you, yelling it out on the playground. The mixed emotions of that first haircut. All the moments you held the milk bottle because they could not figure out how. From their first steps to the kindergarten walk with the big kids – it all happens too soon.

Turning everyday moments into the best memories 

The hard truth is that we cannot turn back the hands of time, however much we wish to. What we can do, though, is make an effort to have more of these everyday moments, which in turn become the best memories. The everyday memories we look back on as our best memories. And this is not a resolutions list (as those just make me feel like a failure). This is more of a checklist for family/solo “timeouts”.

Beach Walks During the Colder Months 

Whether it be as a family, a one-on-one date, or you decide to go solo, walking in the fresh cool air can do wonders for your mood. Head out to the coast first thing in the morning or after school pick ups. Added bonus – when you plan on just walking, there’s no need for the beach toys or beach extras.

Library Time 

Be forced to be quiet and sit back. Pick out a book and enjoy the peaceful moment. When you do take the kids with you, step back and let them pick out the books for themselves. Resist the urge to “recommend” a book or level of reading for them, as many educators believe letting kids choose their own reading material inspires them to read more. 


Don’t let the kids have all the fun with this one! After all, soon building pillow forts and laying on the floor will be lame to them. So before they’re too old to want to do that with you, surprise them after school. Tell them that homework can wait and order pizza for dinner as fort-building takes over the household!   

Fall Asleep Next To The Kids 

Falling asleep next to your kids, whether it be in their bed or yours, won’t wreck the bedtime routine. And if it does, well how long can it really last? Soon they won’t want to be anywhere near you (hello, teenage years!), so make the most of it while you can. Cuddle up, tell stories, and enjoy the moment.

Flower Markets

Fresh flowers once a month isn’t too much to ask for, is it? But why wait for someone else to buy them when we can do it ourselves! Wine Country has some great fresh flower markets, so take a break and walk around while taking in all the color. One favorite is the Sonoma Flower Mart, currently open two days a week at The Barlow. Let us know your favorites by commenting on this post or tagging us @winecountrymoms.

Now it’s your turn – tell me how you turn everyday moments into the best memories that last a lifetime!

How to Transform Everyday Moments into the Best Memories

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