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The All Too Typical Date Night for Moms (Romance vs. Reality)

date night             

Date Night Oh La La

It’s date night! You’ve been looking forward to this all week. Who am I kidding, all month! A night out in the town with no kids, adult conversation, and romantic eye gazing. No bubble guppies, snot noses, and blueberry spills. Just chivalry and roses.

Ahhh sounds like a winning night already.

You toss your faded black yoga pants in the hamper and trade them in for your little black dress buried in the back of your closet. You wash your hair, shave your legs, and take out the brightest shade of red lipstick you own. I mean, the only red shade.

Oh yeah, you look smokin’ hot!

You dial 1-800-Grandma and find out she’s already on her way to pick up the little devils. (Because they always behave the worst on date night.) You kiss your littles good-bye and give them the princess wave as they back out of the driveway.

You’re free.

You now wait patiently for your Prince Charming to get home and shower. You dance across your living room with images of pure romance. Fabio type of stuff. But the last date night was so long ago, you’ll take a movie and a burrito bowl at Chipotle. Anything kid free and with your husband.

While your hubby is in the shower, you remember to take out the candles. Oh yes! Tonight we will finally use the candles we get every Christmas! Who cares if we mix pumpkin spice and a pine tree? You pat yourself on the back for how romantic you’re thinking.

Alright, it’s time. Date night has officially begun! You and your hubs are now blasting “Turn down for what” on the radio like your teenagers again. When in reality you probably should have stretched beforehand, because you’re pretty sure you gave yourself whiplash with that killer body roll. (Reminder: Bengay and a heating pad for later)

You arrive at dinner and to your surprise its not Chipotle!

(You really do love their guac though) Your handsome husband opens the door for you and gives you a wink. Yup, tonight’s gonna be awesome!

You sit down at the table and you order your drinks. An image of your littles pop in your head and you push it out! “This is date night!” you say to yourself. So you start talking about the news, work gossip, and how funny little Johnny was at breakfast this morning! Oh crap, you did it again!

Romance, romance, romance…

Who are you kidding? By the time your meals come, your husband and you are now sitting side by side looking at videos of your kids on your iPhone. Praising each other for how fabulous you raised your kids and how much you miss them. After dinner you even go to The Big Chill, your kid’s favorite frozen yogurt shop. You giggle at memories of birthday parties there and you both decide to bring them home a 1/2 gallon of vanilla loaded with gummy bears.

You get home and dearest grandma has them in their beds and sleeping like angels already.

And even though you would NEVER, in a million years, wake them up any other night, you and your Prince Charming swoop those precious little up and bring them to bed with you. You know they are only little once, and you missed them so much while you were away. And in reality, you now feel guilty for “taking the night off” and should have made it a family game night instead.

As you walk down the hall to your room, you spy the candles you took out earlier. You think to yourself, “next time” as you continue cradling your “babies”.

Now the whole family is cozy in bed. This is what your kids will always cherish. Their loving parents. The love between you all is such a blessing.

Then you get a kick in the face, an elbow in the rib, and nearly pushed off the bed by your “not so precious” children.

And you think to yourself one final time, “Ugh, why did we bring them in again? And when can we have a date night do-over?”

date night

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