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Dad Friends: Father Groups and Dad Blogs (Because Dad Life is the Best Life)

WANTED: Any dad (working dad, single dad, stay-at-home dad) who hopes to meet fellow dads and their tiny humans. Shared interests may include, but are not limited to, wine, beer, sports, and outdoor activities.

I have always had a solid set of girlfriends. In fact, I still have the same set of best friends since grade school. When I moved away for college, I pledged for a sorority. And while living in the Dallas suburbs, I was a member of the neighborhood ladies’ group. Finally, upon moving back to the North Bay a year ago, I immediately joined the local mother’s club and became a contributor for the Wine Country Moms Blog. Through it all, my husband has been my “plus one” to every get-together with friends, every bunko night with the ladies’ group, and every event with the blog or mother’s club. 

But Where Are the Dad Groups?

Or would they be called Fathers Clubs? Dad Tribes? Dad Crews? Dudes with kids who just want to hang out?

I asked local moms if their husbands were members of any dad groups in the area. The response was dismal. So I did a quick Google search for “Sonoma County Dads” and “Wine Country Dads,” and again, came up empty-handed. My social media searches were more successful. I found several local dad groups on Facebook, including Sonoma County Dads, Novato Dads, and Napa Dads. And there’s a gold-mine of general Facebook dad groups, from dads of multiples to gamer dads to career-specific groups, like stay-at-home dads, tech dads, physician dads, and lawyer dads. There’s even a group called “Dads Married to Doctors.” (Oh, to be a fly on that wall.)

Do Dads Want to Hang Out with Other Dads?

It seems like the most common way dads meet other dads is through their wives or partners. While dads of older children might meet one another through children’s sporting events, it can be challenging for dads of infants and toddlers. Much like my husband, a fellow mom told me that her husband struggles to find other dads to hang out with. And while it’s natural for women to seek out other moms, dads don’t seem to do that as much. My husband lovingly rolls his eyes on the rare occasion I’m able to attend an event with the mother’s club or meet my friends for a girls’ weekend. Since I plucked him out of the comfort zone of his home state, he doesn’t have the luxury of the occasional night out or guys’ weekend. So I asked my husband if he’d consider joining a local dad group if there was one, and, of course, he answered with a very enthusiastic, “(shrugs shoulders) I don’t know. Maybe.”

What About Dad Blogs?

While the jury is still out on whether or not dad groups will flourish, dad blogs are on the rise. I personally love reading the “dad perspective” on parenthood. After all, there are at least two sides of every story. Our sister site in Detroit just added a resident dad contributor. And I tend to enjoy blogs with hilarious anecdotes like those found on Designer Daddy, How To Be a Dad, and Daddy Files. But my personal favorite dad blogs revolve around food: Dad Cooks Dinner, which features some of my favorite Instant Pot recipes, and Lunchbox Dad, whose puts together lunches that I’d be excited to eat.

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