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11 Harmless and Fun Tricks to Play on Your Kids this St. Paddy’s Day

If your house is anything like mine, than you and your tiny human have been brainstorming, cutting, gluing, and crafting the most EPIC Leprechaun trap known to first grade. You’ve finally put away all the fabric, vacuumed up the glitter, and washed the paint off your walls, when your sweet adorable child looks at you with their big beautiful eyes and says “I wonder if the leprechauns will come to OUR house and play leprechaun tricks on us?”

Um, excuse me? What did this child just say? Did we not just spend a small fortune of time and money on these tricky leprechauns? Panic is setting in as you realized you don’t have a clue what tricky leprechauns do nor do you have the brain power to think of anything.  Relax mama, I’ve got you covered. Here are 11 leprechaun tricks sure to bring giggles and smiles to your little one’s face.

A leprechaun loves all things green: 

  • Gather up all the green toys you have in your house and put them in one giant pile or make a giant trail of green toys around your house.
  • Grab some food dye and turn your toilet bowl water green  (pee jokes of any kind always brings about giggles).
  • Surprise the kids with an all green lunch (think cucumbers, grapes, a bagel with green cream cheese).
  • Start the day off with some green milk. Add a few drops of green dye to the milk before you go to bed and you’re done!
  • If you’re reading this with time to spare, find some green ribbon and switch the laces in your kids’ shoes. Don’t forget to hide said laces when you’re done, otherwise you’ll have to think quick and explain why the leprechauns would leave dirty laces on your counter. I speak from experience on this one!

A leprechaun has a peculiar taste in decorating:

  • This one is easy-peasy. All you need to do is turn furniture upside down. End tables, kitchen chairs, picture frames, it all works. 
  • This leprechaun trick was a HUGE hit in our home. Gather everyone’s clean underwear and hang them about the house. A ceiling fan is the ideal place to hang mom’s bra. Door handles work well for the tiny human’s underwear.
  • Got a few rolls of TP? Unravel it around your house and decorate. Wrap up the microwave or use it as streamers. Just unwinding the roll from your bathroom and into another room is sure to bring delight.

Boundaries in tomfoolery? A leprechaun has none with these tricks: 

  • While the little ones sleep, sneak in and draw or paint on a green mustache. Take it up a level if you paint one on yourself and act like you don’t know it’s there.  A second option is to cover them in green stickers or tattoos. 
  • Create green leprechaun footprints around your house. Kids love to see them on the toilet seat (this definitely makes the green pee seem legit).
  • If you know you’re going to head out in the car the following day, fill your mini-van up with green balloons. The more the merrier, but if you can manage 6-1o balloons, you are golden  (definitely one of my kids favorite leprechaun tricks)!

Wishing all the mamas of the Wine Country Moms Blog community a very Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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