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Giving Myself the Gift of a Guilt Free Holiday Season

‘Tis the season!


It’s that time of the year again, mamas. The time of the year that we scramble to fit 13 holiday parties into our calendar. The season for road trips and holiday gift shopping. We suddenly feel obligated to be cooking everything from scratch. We consider ordering holiday greeting cards – knowing that we will probably forget to mail them. Then…just to add a little bit more pressure to the season, every single store we shop at asks us if we want to add a donation to our purchase. Even if I can’t afford to add an extra $5 to each purchase, I feel obligated to participate.

The holiday season also brings around more family gatherings. Many of us have dysfunctional families and the holiday season can be a season of drama and discord.  Drama and discord that we are expected to smile through and tolerate for the sake of holiday joy.

Are you feeling jolly yet?

Maybe you are feeling the way that I am – tired of the mom-guilt that the holiday season often brings.

Well this year, I’m not succumbing to the guilt.  I am committed to bringing back the joy that I should be feeling during the holidays. I choose to surround myself with people that truly delight me. I am choosing to let go of all the nonessential tasks and social obligations that we commit to throughout the holidays. My motto this holiday season will be this: if it’s not a heck yes, it’s a no.


If I commit to something, I want to be enthusiastic about my decision and worry free about the judgment from others. We have to stop worrying about what others think of us. As moms, we are so used to caring for others and putting our own needs aside. This holiday season, let’s try something different. Let’s only do something if our heart is truly in it. Our time and energy are both sacred. When we are able to save it for the people and activities that we are truly excited for, then we are able to be more present. I can’t think of a better gift to others and myself than truly being present – rather than a mom running on fumes while I silently worry about whether or not I got everything on my shopping list.

Join me this holiday season and drop the mom guilt.

I give you permission to:

Skip the checklists.

Buy a store bought pie.

Politely decline your co-workers Christmas party.

Order take out or make a box of macaroni and cheese.

Do a little bit more:

Snuggling with your family

Checking in with your emotions and needs

Sleeping (if your kids will let you!)

Breathing deeply


You deserve a holiday too, mama. Be gentle with yourself this season. Be well. ♥


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