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5 Ways to Rock Your Fall Family Photo Shoot {Tips from a Pro Photog}

The mornings are foggy, the evenings are chilly and the “Sonoma Aroma” is heavy in the air… you know what that means…  Fall is right around the corner.  Pretty soon the leaves will be turning, the pumpkin patches will be opening and it will be time to book your fall photo session!

Today, I’m going to give you some tips on how to best prepare your family for your upcoming fall photo session.

#1 Tell your kids it’s going to be fun!

Explain to your kids that you are going to a park for family photos, but also let them know there will be time for laughing, playing, dancing, bug hunting, flower picking, joke telling, hugs and kisses.  Give them warm and fuzzy feelings about what they are going to be doing.  Trust me, this will go much further than the threats of what will happen if they don’t behave.

Photo Session

#2 Bribe your husband

It’s no secret most dads don’t love the fall family photo session.  Let him loosen up a little.  Have him drink a beer before heading out or better yet, bring one for him to drink when he gets to the session.  I’m being totally serious.  (In fact, I even travel with a cooler stocked with beer during fall season for this very reason.)

Photo Session

#3 Have something to eat before your session

Have a snack before you leave for your photo session.  Often times I hear “I’m hungry” from little ones and sometimes even dad!  Trying to have fun and follow directions while your stomach is growling is not a good combo, so eat up!

Photo Session

#4 Let your photographer take control

If you’ve booked a photo session with an established, professional photographer, she will be able to work with your kids.  She should have all kinds of tricks up her sleeve to get kids to listen, follow directions, smile, sit still etc..  Let them work their magic!  Again, this should be fun, so sit back, relax and enjoy a snuggle with your hubby.  Let your photographer do the dirty work.

Photo Session

#5 Be Silly

I know it’s hard to stop yourself from saying “smile at the camera” or “say cheese”… so if you find yourself needing to say something, make it funny.  Tell your son he has stinky feet or remind him of a silly inside joke.  Tell your daughter how beautiful she looks.  Make the smile and the laughter real.

Photo Session

Photo sessions should be fun. When you look back at the photos you want to see the genuine smiles and laughter that can only come from, you guessed it, naturally laughing. The photo should also trigger a memory from you. Remembering the joke you were sharing, the tickling you were doling out, the kiss you were planting on the cheek of your darling child. A good photo should evoke those feelings in you. What you don’t  want to see, is the forced smile from your child because you just threatened to not get him an ice cream cone.

I hope these tips help you feel prepared for your next photo session!  Stay tuned for Part 2- What to wear and what not to wear to your photo session!

Photo Credit: Lindsey Tatum Photography

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