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The Ten Stages of Choosing Your Kid’s Halloween Costume

The Ten Stages of Choosing Your Kid's Halloween CostumeFall is here! PSLs at Starbucks, trendy scarves, super cute booties, and (squeal!) Halloween. Now that I’m a grown-up and less concerned with showing off my “assets” in a risqué Halloween costume in a college bar and more worried about how many pieces of candy I let the kids eat before they go to bed, I see this holiday with brand new eyes.

It’s only the second year that my littles have been old enough to dress up and go trick-or-treating, so my mind is reeling with all the possibilities. Should the kids match? Maybe we go as a family costume? Could I make each Halloween costume myself? And most importantly, how long will I be able to convince my oldest that SHE was the one who ate all the Snickers bars, not me?

If you’re like me and are both excited and nervous about choosing your kids’ costumes, check out the stages below and let us know where you’re at in the process. 

The Ten Stages of Choosing Your Kid’s Halloween Costume

  1. OMG, you’ve been waiting all year for this! Is your kid going to be a fairy? A dragon? Or maybe Chase from Paw Patrol? There are so many options!



  1. Then you make the mistake of asking the kids what they want to be. “Ok, so you’re telling me you want to be a square. Cool, cool. Like the shape?? How about a policeman? No? Huh, ok….square it is then.”



  1. Now you’re off to Pinterest to find fabulous ideas for homemade costumes, because you can do anything, you #momoftheyear you.



  1. After spending hours scrolling through immaculate pics of perfect toddler gnomes and a million versions of Mickey Mouse, you soon realize that you have no time, energy, or desire to hand-sew the “Ballerina Firefighter Princess” costume that your little poopsie wants.


  1. So, you hit up Amazon instead for a good deal on a pre-fab Peppa Pig because you’re the #okayestmomever



  1. Silently thanking GOD you finally bit the bullet and signed up for Amazon Prime.



  1. But, because you chose the least expensive costume possible, you have to alter the size, fix a seam, or come up with a whole new ballerina skirt because the one you bought is SUPER chintzy. 



  1. Ok, so now you’ve got a complete costume. You rock! Wait…what happened to the tiara? After looking everywhere in the house, you finally just blame your partner and run out to CVS to buy a new one the night before.



  1. Sonoma County weather can be fickle, so even if you come up with the most perfect costume ever, chances are it’ll have to be covered up for trick-or-treating anyway because – I swear – it ALWAYS rains on Halloween here.



  1. You did it! Congrats on another successful Halloween in the books. The kids are finally in bed and you can kick back to enjoy the spoils of your efforts. The post-trick-or-treating-Halloween-candy-binge is your reward for being a rockin’ mama. You earned it!!


What stage are you at in choosing your kid’s Halloween costume? Tell me below in the comments!

The Ten Stages of Choosing Your Kid's Halloween Costume

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