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A Letter to My Husband on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a heart-warming holiday filled with flowers, chocolate and candlelit dinners. Our kids get excited about sharing valentines with their classmates. We try to decide if these valentines will be store-bought or Pinterest-worthy.

There are many variations of the history of St. Valentine and how his story evolved into a production of love notes and romantic gestures. One story describes how St. Valentine was imprisoned for performing marriages, which was forbidden by the emperor. While in prison, he miraculously cured a little girl of her blindness. He then wrote a letter to her and signed it, “Your Valentine.”

As moms, we often feel under-appreciated. Both in and out of the home, we wonder if our hard work is taken for granted. But perhaps our husbands or significant others tend to feel neglected too. Drained from sleepless nights or overwhelmed with never-ending loads of laundry, we forget to say thank you to our partners. We overlook the smallest gestures of love, like bringing home dinner after a stressful day or handing us a glass of wine as we walk through the door. So for Valentine’s Day, I’m taking the time to honor the one who has chosen to be by my side on this wild journey through life.

A Letter to My Husband on Valentine’s Day

Dear Husband,

I love you. It may not be the same exact love that we had when you asked me to be your wife because it’s stronger than that kind of love. It’s a love that could have only grown from a decade of triumphs and challenges. A love that fluctuates from crescendo to decrescendo with varying tempos day to day.

I know that we’re not living in California because of your fondness for high tax rates and over-priced real estate. We’re living in California because it makes me happy. And I am forever grateful that you sacrificed time away from me and our first child so that you could start your career here. When I see glimpses of your growing Sonoma County love, I’m hopeful that we’ll create more family memories from exploring uncharted areas to indulging in great food and wine. 

I know it’s hard for you to be away from your family and that our visits to Arizona are few and far between. As a two-physician family, we spend holidays either at home in California or in the hospital. Although our work life and family life is a complicated balancing act, I share your hope that we can visit more often.

I appreciate your help around the house. My stress level diminishes every time dinner is already prepared by the time the kids and I arrive home. And I notice when you do your share of chores, from doing your own laundry to occasionally vacuuming or cleaning the kitchen. 

I notice the little things you do to make me smile, like bringing home my favorite donuts for breakfast or filling our pantry with more pumpkin-flavored items. 

I admire how hard you work. While there are a myriad of other things you’d rather be doing, you take extra call shifts and work on your vacation to provide for our family. And despite feeling exhausted, I rarely hear you complain about never having a day off.

Because of you, I’m a better version of myself. You’re my anchor and support. And I’m thankful for all that you do today, yesterday, and tomorrow. 


Your Valentine

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