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7 Magnificent Summer Book Picks (that You Need to Read)

It’s summer. Time for sleeping with the windows open, family size packs of sunscreen, unicorn pool floaties, and vacations/staycations. It’s also time for book reading. Perhaps it’s due to the warm nights when you can’t sleep or lounging poolside that warrants the need to transport yourself deep into the pages of a book. I personally love to read a couple books each season. In fact, I don’t really call it a successful summer unless I’ve done just that. But I am a bookworm, so I might be on a different page than many (no pun intended). Whether you read regularly or are hoping to read a book on your next camping trip, I have some summer book picks that won’t disappoint.


The Woman in the Window Similar in premise to the Hitchcock movie Rear Window, this is the ultimate page turner. Seriously, clear your Google Calendar for 12-36 hours (depending on how fast you read) and just read it. A woman in an apartment witnesses a crime, and she spends the rest of the book trying to solve the mystery. But with many twists and turns. Do yourself a favor and download it, buy it, check it out at your local library, or listen to it this summer. And maybe keep the lights on in every room while you’re at it.

Class Mom: A Novel A fun and light book about a class mom and how she interacts with the many complex personalities of other room parents. Very relevant, whether you’re a class mom or not. Perk – it’s a quick read that you can knock out on your next road trip.

A Hundred Summers A beautifully written story about a young woman named Lily in the 1930’s who spends a summer in Rhode Island with family. While staying there, she realizes that two people from her past are also in town. You spend the duration of the book discovering how these relationships unraveled, while Lily tries to navigate running in their circle throughout the summer. This book has a great ending, and the summer theme is the perfect beach and pool read.


The Lilac Girls This is an incredible book based on a true story about three different women across three countries during WWII. You follow a New York Socialite, a German doctor, and a Polish teenager as they live completely different lives, but ultimately connect in an utmost powerful story. Not exactly a light read, but this book left me thinking about the characters for weeks after. 


The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo If you’re an Amy Schumer fan, you need to read this book. Amy doesn’t hold anything back in this memoir. She doesn’t leave much to your imagination, and there were definitely times I raised my eyebrows in disbelief that I just read that sentence. But it made me actually laugh out loud, and I really enjoyed reading about how she grew up and became the hilarious, successful woman she is today.


The Rumor A quintessential summer book, this is the story about two women who are best friends living in Nantucket (hello, bucket list). Despite being so close, they are also different in the choices they end up making. Throw in some reckless family members that risk their valuable reputations, and this juicy, light read will have you turning the pages. I envisioned blue hydrangeas and seersucker throughout this book as the author painted the picture of life in Nantucket beautifully, with a side of gossip thrown in.


Little Fires Everywhere I love a good book about family dynamics. This is an awesome look into the life of a family living outside Cleveland and how each of their lives change when new tenants arrive in town and start renting one of their properties. I loved learning the details of each character and their viewpoints of the other family members. This book will have you asking questions and wondering what you would do if faced with the decisions they had to make.

Whether you’re jet-setting to some place tropical this summer or sipping refreshments from the luxury of your backyard while laying on a towel on top of water balloon remnants, a summer book is the perfect way to take you away. What are your summer book picks?

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