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5 Reasons Wine Country is a Runner’s Paradise

5 Reasons Wine Country Is the Best Place for RunningDespite several half marathons and numerous 5K and 10K races, I never considered myself much of a runner. I’m not fast or powerful. I usually trip at least once per run, followed by a pretty epic fall about every tenth run.  And based on race pictures I’ve seen, I look incredibly irritated most of the time I actually am running. But since moving to Wine Country, I have found myself carving out more and more time to lace up my shoes and go running. Part of it is due to the general health benefits of staying active. But mostly it is because I discovered a big secret: Wine Country is the best place in the world to run.

Discover Local Art

We have so many local artisans living in our region. And their work is everywhere! From parks, to busy corners to people’s front yards, there is always a fun surprise waiting along a run.  I am on my own personal mini mission to discover new art on every run around my town. I often plan my route specifically to run past something I’ve only glimpsed from the car. And I have never been disappointed!

Chase the Sun

In addition to the beautiful scenery that is status quo in our area, we get some amazing sunrises and sunsets. Running during an amazing sunrise starts my whole day off on a positive note. I’m not kidding when I say that running during sunrise has turned me into a morning person. Partly because stopping to take a picture of said amazing sunrise gives me a reason to stop and catch my breath!

Enjoy the Weather

I’ve had the opportunity to live in many areas of our country. Places with snow or rain or crazy heat. While it does get toasty here in summer, we still have nice cool mornings and evenings nearly every single day. And apart from the occasional heavy downpour, with the right gear, a run in the rain can be a lot of fun. Winter mornings are chilly, but usually warm up to a nice respectable running temperature once the sun is up. All said, I think you could find a good time to run 365 days a year in Wine Country.


Living here is not inexpensive, we all know that. Therefore, it’s nice to have unfettered access to free workouts. Apart from running clothes and shoes, there’s not a huge investment needed to run, which can help you save money for other expenses!

Eat, Drink and Be Merry!

With all of the wine, beer, chocolate and cheese in our area, I need to stay active to offset the calories I (want to) consume! One of my favorite ways to end a run is by meeting my husband and kids at a local restaurant. After a refreshing glass of water, I’ll sit down with a beer and a delicious meal that I didn’t cook! A perfect way to cap off a run in wine (and beer) country! Plus, I get a free ride home.

And one final secret?

Wine Country is just as good for walking!

Where are your favorite running routes in Wine Country? Let me know so I can try them out!

5 Reasons Wine Country Is the Best Place for Running

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