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Frugal Fitness: How to Break a Sweat without Breaking the Bank

The new year is here, and if you are anything like me I’m sure you’ve made fitness goals for 2018. And have definitely kept them, right? Well, if for any reason you haven’t, no need to worry. There’s still plenty of time to get back on track for little or no money! After all, who wants to spend a ton of money to break a sweat? I sure don’t, and I bet you don’t either.

Frugal Fitness: a few tips for you that will NOT break the bank.  

If you have a smart phone, you already have access to several fitness options. So, head on over to your  phone’s app store and check out these FREE fitness apps: 


This app is my FAVORITE.  Start off with the free app, and once you see that you’re staying on track with getting fit, then consider the paid option. Sworkit has several workouts you can choose from, including strength training, cardio, yoga, and stretching.  The workouts can be customized to fit your fitness level, so if you’re a beginner don’t worry. Choose the length of your workout, too – anywhere from five minutes up to an hour. Video clips are also included, so you can see how to do the exercises correctly. Additionally, most of the exercises can be done on your living room floor. All you need is a towel or exercise mat, and you will be on your way to getting fit.

30 Day Fitness Challenge

This is another fitness app that I enjoy and use fairly often. It gives you the option of free or paid workouts, and you get a list of daily exercises. 30 Day Fitness Challenge also helps you build up your endurance while keeping the workout enjoyable.

If you feel that an app isn’t enough to get you motivated, visit YouTube and browse through their fitness videos. YouTube is free, and there are a ton of great fitness videos available.

If you want to keep it simple, I recommend walking daily.

Walking is a great way to get you moving. Start off with 15 minutes per day and build up to an hour. Just know that you don’t need to head outside and walk for an hour straight. Rather, break your walks into chunks of time. Walk for 15 minutes in the morning, then 15 or 30 minutes in the afternoon, and in the evening finish off the remaining time. If you don’t already have one, this may be a good time to invest in a step tracker. I personally love Fitbit products, but you can get any brand you like. The best thing about Fitbit is that you can challenge your friends and family to step-goal challenges. These can be daily, weekly, or weekend challenges.   

Group Classes at a Gym

There are also plenty of group exercise classes and gyms available in the area. On Groupon, you can find memberships that may be limited times or that reduce start up fees. If you have a friend who works out consistently, ask them for a visitor’s pass to their gym. Try it out, and if you like it ask the folks in charge of memberships about signing up. And don’t be afraid to ask them about getting a discounted rate.

Once you workout consistently for at least 30 days, start looking into dietary changes as well. Making one change at a time can help you feel less overwhelmed and defeated, and instead feel energized and successful!

Being healthy doesn’t have to break the bank. It’s a process that requires planning and commitment. You will succeed, and at the end of your first 30 days of consistent workouts you will feel great! Keep at it, one day (and one step) at time! 

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