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Microblading Changed My Morning Routine

Remember in the 90’s when it was thing to pluck all your eyebrows off? Raise your hand if they never grew back quite the same? #raiseshand  I have been doing my brows since I was 12. I have been shaping them, plucking them, and I have become my own professional brow wiz. For me, I’m all about my hair (when I actually fix it), my red lips, and my brows. 

What is this crazy thing called Microblading?

I have been seeing it all over Instagram. Some call it the new craze for brows. The procedure consists of tiny strokes that are “bladed” into your eyebrows with a small razor blade and ink to make it look like real hair. It is semi-permanent because the ink does not go deep into your skin like a tattoo would. If you do your eyebrows every single day, then whomever invented microblading is truly a miracle worker! It took me a while to finally bite the bullet and do it because I am super picky about EVERYTHING, especially my brows.

What to expect

I arrived to my appointment super nervous. I am a control freak. The look, color, and shape of my brows are no exception. I was about to let this microblading Artist take full control of my face! Luckily, she made me feel so at home. We were just chatting away. It was as though it wasn’t “work” for her, and that made me feel more relaxed. When you know someone loves cutting hair, or applying lash extensions, or playing with make up, then you know they are going to do a good job on you.

The first step was to put numbing gel on them and let it sit for about 10 minutes. After the gel kicked in, she wiped it off and stenciled my brows. She stenciled mine how I draw them on, carefully measuring to ensure they were even. Then she drew individual hair strokes with her special blade tool, dipping it into a ring with the ink in it. Even though she used numbing cream, I could still feel the strokes slightly. Each stroke felt like a minor cat scratch, and I could hear the scraping of skin. After the first pass, she numbs them again. I felt only the pressure of the extra ink being rubbed off  on the second pass.

The moment of truth

When she finished, she gave them one last wipe down and handed me the mirror. I couldn’t wait to see them. I looked in the mirror and thankfully I liked them! It took some getting used to the first day, because they were different, but the second day I could not stop staring at them. 

The challenge 

You have to keep your new eyebrows dry for ten whole days while they are healing and the ink is setting. That’s right: ten whole days. I couldn’t exercise, wash my hair or do anything that would get them wet. What you can do is keep a very thin layer of Aquafor on them. People would ask me, “How do you wash your hair?” 

“Very carefully.”

I am now thirteen days in and I couldn’t be happier. I have another touch up appointment in 4 weeks and I cannot wait to see the final, healed product. It will be just in time for my trip to Cancun. 

I highly recommend microblading to anyone who applies make-up everyday to their eyebrows. It comes in handy for the days where you just need to run out of the house!

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