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A Practical Skincare Routine for the Winter and Beyond

A Practical Skincare Routine for the Winter and BeyondThis cold, dry weather can make my face feel like an emory board. It’s only after much unscientific research (trial & error) that I have mastered a winter skincare routine that is sure to take my skin from lizard to cashmere in no time.

As moms, it’s easy to forget to take care of ourselves. Thinking about a specific winter skincare routine might seem like a joke. I can’t count the number of times I’ve asked myself after a long day of being home with sick kids this winter, “Did I even brush my teeth today?”

We’re genetically programed to put others first, and taking care of our skin is sometimes one of the last things we think about. However, it’s been a cold winter and I honestly haven’t ever experienced dry skin like this season. Now I will say that once I turned 30, I became more mindful of my winter (and spring, summer, and fall) skincare routine.  I try and get a facial every six weeks, but I do have to schedule it or else it won’t happen. Just like that pile of clothes that still needs to be ironed.

Needless to say, even with the occasional facial and daily moisturizer, I need reinforcements to ensure my face goes from sand paper to smooth operator.

I now have a winter skincare routine which has helped me kick dry skin to the curb and bring me as close to 29 as possible. Now, this winter skincare routine works well for my skin, which is combination. You might need more or fewer products, depending on your skin type.

Daytime Routine

Gentle cleanser: Do this morning and night. Make sure you’re using one that won’t strip your skin of oils and nourishes your skin. Some recommendations:

Facial oil: I’m a huge fan of this product during the colder months. It doesn’t make me super greasy, and I simply apply it with a cotton ball.

Daily Moisturizer: This one has taken me from thirsty to hydrated and doesn’t keep my face looking like an oil slick.

SPF: Before makeup, make sure that SPF is going on. I’ve been using SPF on my face since I was a lifeguard for the City of Santa Rosa in high school. My favorite choice right now that is tinted is:

Nighttime Routine

Cream Cleanser: Same as morning – gentle enough to nourish your skin without stripping all your oils.

Facial Oil: Same as the day, or try a specific night oil like the one below. 

Eye Cream: This is essential and one that I try not to forget. There are thousands out there, but one that is gentle on my eyes and the sensitive skin is this one:

Night Cream: I’ve tried a lot of these, and currently my favorites are:

I’ve also been a fan of this Origins Overnight Hydrating Mask. It’s the perfect thing to use at least once a week for extra-parched skin.

Be sure to try before you buy, if possible.

Skincare can be expensive, and my skin in particular can be sensitive. So, I like trying out products at Sephora and Ulta when a smaller size is available. That way, I don’t throw down a bunch of dough on products that might not work for me. Don’t see a smaller size of a product? The staff at either store (or the Macy’s cosmetic counters) are happy to offer some samples.

This also goes for hair products. I don’t like to buy the full size unless I’m already a fan. This has allowed me to test out things and not worry about shelling out money for products that could be duds, not studs.

With a reinforced winter skincare routine, your moisturized face will be able to take you from the carpool line to the Board Room in no time!

**Please note – I am not a professional dermatologist, and the products above are ones that work for me. Everyone’s skin type is different. It’s taken me a while to harness an arsenal of products that  bring out a glow, even during the frosty mornings.

A Practical Skincare Routine for the Winter and Beyond

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