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Summer is Gone Too Soon (Plus Adorable First Day of School Printables)

Hello there, are you ready?! 

Because school is starting and I’m going to be really honest: I am not excited.

This summer flew by. Despite my valiant efforts to knock off all our items on a solid Summer Bucket List, I found that our time together was still about six months too short. We entered fair contests, went on hikes, enjoyed July 4th in Sonoma, even caught a Stompers game and sent them off to sleep away camps…but it still felt like we were robbed of time. I know we aren’t supposed to dwell on the fact that we only have 18 summers before our babies are gone, but…you guys. 

It does feel very fast.

Photography by Jen Barston

Like this person (above) was this age (below) approximately ten minutes ago. And now she’s five-feet-three-inches and people do a double-take when we walk around together because you can tell they first think she’s just another adult. But she’s not. She still feels four to me, even now.

Photography by Jen Barston

And on top of the feeling that our time together is too short, there’s also the fact that these three were pretty awesome this summer. Several mornings, I awoke to a desk station being set up for me, with love notes, and breakfast ready to go. I laid out the expectation that I have set hours of work to complete despite it being summer break, and the kids worked really hard to honor that. It’s like I turned around and all of a sudden my older girls are quasi-adults who can cook and clean and take care of themselves and their little sister without much guidance. 

 I tried finding memes that properly conveyed my back to school feelings, but I came up empty-handed. While most are celebrating the start of school, I’m mourning the end of summer. When they go back to school it’s gonna be me and the four year old for half-days and I’m unsure I’m ready because I will truly miss the help and the companionship.

And sure, they bickered. There was a lot of fighting, in fact. But I expect no less from three girls in a 1500 square foot house with an inordinate amount of free time. And even so, there were a lot these moments ,too.

Photo by Jen Barston

Photo by Jen Barston 

In no short order they are starting back up at school which is basically nine months of whirlwind chaos and then it’s next summer with our one long breath of time to be together again. And my little heart races at the knowledge that next summer will also probably be too short. And the summer after that…and then they will be gone.

I know a lot of us are so excited school is starting, and to be honest, I usually am right there. But today, today, I’m feeling a little mixed.

This was a good summer and it was too short. 

One of the things I do every year, or, I should say I try to do every year, is document their first day. It’s really the simplest way to press pause in the high speed chase that is raising children, and to capture them in a specific repeatable moment every year. I’m kind of picky about printables but often find myself last minute printing off whatever I can find on the interwebs. Well this year, perhaps because the nostalgia is really strong for me, I went ahead and made the printable myself, and since I was already making three different grades, I went ahead and made the rest… for all of you too. I covered every grade, from preschool through senior year, and I even threw in something silly for the moms who are glad to see the return of school (even though that’s not me this time). 

It’s pretty cute, however the first draft was a little rough:

I blame lack of sleep. But somehow I  missed the two “of’s” before our first back to school day this morning, so I guess we will retake on Thursday. (Insert shrug emoji here) My mothering is borderline-adequate, at best: we made a printable, it was a fail, so we made it again. And the revised-not-sleep-deprived version is yours if you want it! Just click the image below, and you will get a file of all grades. The grades are in order, so simply select which sheets you want to print, and voila:

First Day of School Printables

Happy Back to School Wine Country Moms!

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