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Target Collaborations: One More Reason to Absolutely Love Target

Target Collaborations: One More Reason to Absolutely Love Target

Last month, I waited in line (starting at 7:45 a.m. at the Coddingtown Target) for the first day of the Hunter for Target rain boot and clothing sale. I really wanted the women’s tall boots, but they were on back order (something about a recall). So I was there to grab my husband and toddler matching pairs of rain boots. I’m not gonna lie – I also bought them in part for the Instagram photo. And I’m okay with that. I got there 15 minutes before opening and I was the third in line. By the time the doors opened, there were about 30 people, mostly moms and their children, who were excited about the latest of the Target Collaborations. 

All About the Experience

There’s something about the experience of waiting in line with other like-minded individuals. It creates a connection that most other people don’t experience anywhere else. Upon learning that I was in line, some of my friends left comments for me on Facebook. They included things like, “No way I am getting outta bed for boots,” and “Why would you wait in line?”

While in line, though, I got to talk to many other moms about why they were there. They were all really excited about getting name brand shoes at target prices. Because regularly, Hunter rain boots can cost over $100.

I also became friends with one mom in particular. She said that she loves coming to every single one of the Target pop-ups for first access to products that won’t stay on the shelves very long. Her favorite collaboration Target has done so far has been the Lilly Pulitzer for Target collection. She loves the affordable line of brightly printed women’s & children’s clothing, home goods, and matching makeup. The clothing line is very colorful, so for her they’re perfect for summer. While she understood why it was a limited run, she wished that the clothes were available year-round.

Target Collaborations

Personally, I love what Target is doing. By collaborating with influential bloggers (like the Oh Joy! For Target’s line for babies) and fashion designers (like Victoria Beckham) for small pop ups, it creates exclusivity, buzz, and it allows Target to be at the forefront of what’s trending. It also allows them to test what customers want to buy and what doesn’t sell. Then they can bring more of that style to their shelves. We have definitely seen that with the expansion of the Target sundresses with all the prints and beautiful floral designs. They remind me a lot of the Lilly Pulitzer designs. Bring on more Target Collaborations, I say!

I am definitely a Target mom. Most of my toddler’s clothes are the Target-specific Cat and Jack line, which is full of super simple colors and fun t-shirt designs, like my toddler’s favorite Star Wars shirt. My toddler also LOVES his rain boots even more than I do. Thankfully, it rained for three days straight right after we bought them, so he definitely got some use out of them. Now we just have to wait for the women’s tall boots to come out. And I will definitely be first or second in line for those! UPDATE: So, it looks like the Hunter for Women’s Tall Boots are not coming out anymore. They were recalled and it is too late to release any for this latest Target Collaboration. Okay, Target… You have to make it up to us with the next one!

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