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Ten Fantastic Podcasts for Every Mom’s Listening Pleasure

Ten Fantastic Podcasts for Every Mom's Listening PleasureIf you have yet to dive into the world of Podcasts, then you are seriously missing out.

Not only are these gems free, but their topics are endless and can educate or entertain you whenever and wherever. I discovered the wide world of Podcasts a few years ago and have been hooked ever since. As a mom, I find that there are Podcasts that help me out in so many ways. Whether it’s an escape with a true crime story, becoming happier, or stories for my kids, Podcasts deliver. Here’s a list of Podcasts I compiled for moms (or anyone) interested in listening.


Shameless Mom

This podcast is from a fellow mother, Sara Dean. Sara is a fitness professional, speaker, and an author. When Sara became a mother, she found the job a lot harder than she anticipated. Sara knew she wasn’t alone, so she began this podcast to help out other struggling mothers. She wants moms to live the life of their dreams now and not wait for their kids to grow. Sara believes that you should be the real you – now and shamelessly. I love to listen to Sara because she covers a wide range of topics such as procrastination, trauma, and mom guilt. Listening to Sara is like listening to an old, wise friend, and it’s truly worth your time.



Happiness is something that I struggle with daily. I easily get frustrated, lose my patience, and become unfocused on what matters. After finding Gretchen Rubin’s book, The Happiness Project, I found her podcast and was instantly hooked. Gretchen converses with her sister Elizabeth about different methods for becoming happier, how to create good habits, and also explores different personality traits we possess. I love that Gretchen’s sister refers to her as her “happiness guru.” Her ideas really get my wheels spinning and I’d like to try everything she suggests. Gretchen also has various projects you can purchase on her website to help you on your journey to happiness (such as decluttering your life). If you’re anything like me and desire happiness, I strongly recommend this podcast.


The Armchair Expert

I’ll shamelessly admit: I follow a number of celebrities on Instagram, mostly fellow parents that I can identify with or admire. One of these celebrities is Dax Shepard (and his wife, Kristen Bell). Dax recently started this podcast, where he interviews other celebs mainly from his home. I love listening to Dax because I find him funny, very humble, and I appreciate his genuine interest in listening to people share stories about their life.

My favorite episode is with his wife, Kristen. They share a small glimpse into their marriage (like how she was annoyed with him just prior to recording) and how she recognizes the true privilege in being a celebrity and shares that privilege through her philanthropy. Dax also interviews Ellen DeGeneres, Ashton Kutcher, and Lauren Graham to name a few. I find this podcast great to listen to when I want to tune out, for example, on the dreaded Stairmaster.


Super Mamás

“Motherhood doesn’t have to look a certain way, it just has to look the way it works for me.”

These two sisters, Paulina and Bricia Lopez, are latina mamás who “provide a judgment-free space” to discuss all things motherhood. The two sisters invite their friends and experts to chat about topics ranging from sex, pregnancy, miscarriage, and work, to fashion and finances. I love how down to Earth these two women are, and they speak the honest truth about the struggles of motherhood. Listening to them makes me feel like their third sister. They also host an annual event called The Super Mamás Social in downtown Los Angeles, which is happening Friday, May 12. This event includes a panel of guest speakers, a marketplace with their favorite products, and a place to gather and meet new mamá friends.


My Favorite Murder

This podcast is pretty random, I have to say. It’s two women comically discussing true crime murders, but I like it. These two women, Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, are both writers who think murderers are fascinating. I too have always been fascinated by true crime – one of my fav shows is Mindhunter, I listened to all 30 hours of Helter Skelter, and my former job as a police dispatcher didn’t help. So this show is like listening to two friends who share my same obsession. If you like to listen to podcasts that follow direction and have a beginning and end, then this one isn’t for you. But if you like to listen to two friends talk about murder in a comical way, then this may be your bag of chips.


They See Me Mommin’: The Podcast

These two friends both live in Orange County (but came from somewhere else), and one of them runs our sister site Orange County Moms Blog! These two women are very warm and inviting and honestly share the story of their journeys through motherhood. Viv Jones and Maria Hoey share the honest truths about mom guilt, how to teach your kids to be kind, and parenting fails. This is a fairly new blog, so now is the perfect time to make these two your new podcast mom friends and go through motherhood alongside them.


Story Nory

On long-ish drives with my kids, it’s easy to pop a DVD in my sweet minivan, but I kinda feel guilty about all that screen time.

All hail the Story Nory podcast!!  My kids love being read to and this podcast is story time in the car. My kids actually stop arguing and screaming so that they can listen to these wonderful stories. Story Nory has all kinds of stories: fairy tales, myths, and stories told around different parts of the world. The readers have very soothing voices and I often zone out myself listening to them. They aren’t just for long drives, though. I turn this on when my kids are working on art or even playing indoors. Story Nory is educational, stimulating, and a great way for parents to get some guilt-free quiet time.


Tilt Parenting

This podcast was just recently recommended to me by another Wine Country Mom Blogger, Rebecca Doty. If you have a child that is “wired” differently than the average kid, then this is an amazing resource for you. The creator, Debbie Reber is an author, speaker, coach, and mother to an atypical child. Debbie created this podcast as a resource and community for parents in the same boat. A wide variety of topics are covered such as ADHD/ADD, Aspergers/ASD, education, sensory processing disorder, and 2E kids. I have a son with ADHD, and this podcast provides me with lots of insight on ways to understand him. I am so glad that Rebecca shared this podcast with me, and I hope other moms find it helpful.


Disney Story Central

Love Disney? If you and your kids love Disney and need some time away from the screen, this is the perfect podcast. These podcasts are tales from your favorite Disney movies. And just like Story Nory, these podcasts are great for some quiet time.


Dirty John

Such a good true crime story!! Dirty John tells the story of Debra Newell, a successful interior designer in Orange County. Debra has poor judgment when it comes to men, though. Debra meets John Meehan and falls in love with him fast. Debra’s family doesn’t feel right about John’s character – they think he’s a liar and that he’s scamming her. But Debra feels that she has found her soulmate and adores John. Is her family right about him? What secrets is John hiding? Listen to this thriller to find out!


I hope you find this list useful and discover a podcast you love. When the struggle is real, podcasts are an escape, a help, and a connection. There are so many podcasts out there and so many more to come. We’d love to hear which podcasts you all love, too. Happy listening!

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