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Blame the Baby: 15 Fads that Were Inspired by Toddlers

Blame the Baby: 15 Fads that Were Inspired by ToddlersAs we progress further into 2018, I’m struck by all the fads that have come and gone in my life. Some of these fads make me smile, while others make me cringe. And many of them are literally things that my toddler came up with.

15 Toddler-inspired Fads

1) Deconstructed salads

Toddlers are known for their ridiculously picky eating habits. If a food looks weird, smells funny, or heaven forbid is TOUCHING another food item on their plate, they’re not eating it. I’m 1,000% certain the top chef who came up with deconstructed salads was really just a tired parent whose toddler had finicky tastebuds.

2) The “full load” look

Sagging jeans, low riders, and harem pants. All of these ill-fitted drawers have the “full diaper” look to them. And seriously, unless you’re carrying a load in your pull-up, you shouldn’t be sporting these styles.

3) Siri

Let’s be honest – Siri is just a grown-up version of asking your mom for answers. Heck, I still call my mom to ask her how to cook certain things. Mark my word – whoever pitched the idea of Siri at Apple was the parent of a relentless toddler asking, “Why?” every ten seconds, only taking breaks to chant, “Mom, mom, mom, MOM!” ad nauseum until the poor woman cracked.

4) No-poo

From the moment I heard of the “no-poo” movement (which is “no shampoo” shortened), I immediately thought of my toddler. I mean, have you ever met a kid that likes having their hair washed? Mine avoid it like the plague. For kids that LOVE a bathtub full of bubbles, they sure put up a fight when you try to lather up their heads. So, I’m fairly certain they headed up team #onlywater in the no-poo fad.

5) Twerking

This dance was legit invented by some diaper-wearing baby. Could’ve been mine. Could’ve been yours. But it was for sure a toddler that first dropped it low and worked that backside like a washing machine.

6) Poor spelling

Yas. Kool. Where r u. These used to be adorable misspellings by your blooming little writer. And oh. Em. Gee! Were they ever adorable. Now it’s just a texting norm. I mean, why use proper English, amiright?

7) Emojis

Every parent worth their salt is a master at reading facial expressions. However, emojis have taken on a language of their own. In addition to watching my toddler’s face like a hawk for ANY signs that she’s going to 💩 in her undies, I also get the unique job of deciphering what your “eek” face emoji means. 😬 Are you running late or just not coming? Don’t make me go full-blown “parent” on you and tell you to use your words.

8) Ripped knee

Whether it’s jeans, leggings, tights, or anything else you use to cover the lower half of your toddler with, holes are bound to happen. I personally think it’s insane that we now pay extra to look like we spend the day crawling around on the floor scraping our knees, but c’est la vie.

9) Rompers (for boys or girls)

My personal pet peeve is rompers (and overalls) on toddlers. Nothing makes potty training and diaper changes more difficult than a dozen buttons on a thrashing leg-tornado. But hey, if you’re a full grown adult and you feel like completely undressing each time you pee, more power to you. This fad is all you, bro.

10) Pjs all day.

No matter if you’re rocking your actual pajamas at the grocery store or the designer made silken “robes” and matching lounge pants that were oh-so-popular in early 2017. It’s safe to say that toddlers have been making the “pjs all day” look fashionable for decades, and I guarantee they’ll continue wearing this comfy fashion for years to come.

11) The high ponytail

This fad comes and goes with the adults. But unlike us silly grown-ups who only sported it on the side in the 80’s, super slicked back with Madonna in the 90’s and earlier this year when Kerry Washington and Chrissy Teigen revamped the look, toddlers make this simple updo look adorable from generation to generation.

12) Messy lipstick

I’m still at a loss over who actually did this, but I promise you that before it was a “thing,” my toddler nailed it.

13) Dabbing

Have you ever heard of the vampire sneeze?? Ok, so maybe that was invented by moms, but your toddler made this pose cool long before a bunch of self(ie)-obsessed kids did.

14) Animal Snapchat filters

Playing dress up is a staple in the toddler world of imagination, but adults are giving this fun childhood pass time a facelift. Gone are the days of actually wearing a costume or a mask. Now, with the click of a button you can transform yourself into a talking deer on Snapchat.

15) Leggings are life!

Kids of all ages have been wearing leggings all day, everyday for years. Comfort is their bread and butter. And I for one am completely on board with adults jumping on this toddler tread. 

I’m sure there’s even more toddler-inspired fads out there. What’s your favorite one?

Blame the Baby: 15 Fads that Were Inspired by Toddlers

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