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Celebrate Your Anniversary with these Fun Modern Gifts

For our anniversaries, my husband and I like to celebrate with Google-worthy gifts suggested by tradition (or Hallmark) for each milestone. Instead of just getting a piece of jewelry for me (don’t get me wrong, I LOVE jewels!) and a nice watch for him EVERY YEAR, this is a fun way of celebrating each passing year together with a riddle or clever gesture that falls within the scope of what these silly traditions dictate.

Our fourth anniversary is one of my favorites. The traditional gift is “fruit or flowers” and we both played off of that idea. I got my husband an Apple iPad – because an apple is a fruit, and I’m a #genius. My sweet, thoughtful husband had my wedding bouquet recreated. I mean, swoon!

Having just celebrated our fifth anniversary, I thought it would be fun to come up with some truly modern ideas for wedding gifts because God help the poor bastard who gives their spouse a “desk set” for their seventh anniversary these days. As a sidenote – we’ve been leaning more towards experiential gifts lately, as opposed to tangible ones. Giving the gift of quality time together, making memories and deeper connections is priceless. So I give you…..

21st Century Anniversary Gifts


First Anniversary: Date Night

You just made it through one of the most exciting years of your life. Congrats! Hallmark says “paper” or “clocks” but we can do better than that. Before marriage gets in the way of romance, make a reservation at that expensive restaurant you’ve been dying to try, share too many appetizers, eat a caloric bomb of a dessert, and enjoy a night out with your sweetie.


Second Anniversary: Housecleaning/Landscaping

By year two, you and your spouse are probably well into your household chores routine, yay marriage amiright? At our house my husband does the dishes and I do the laundry (I know, I’m a lucky girl!) so it’s a really special treat when we splurge on a professional housecleaning service.


Third Anniversary: Concert/Live Show

By the third year of spitting toothpaste in the same sink as your spouse and going from NEVER tooting in front of them (when you were dating) to playing the butt trumpet on command – you might feel like some of the spark is gone. For this anniversary, give the gift of a show or music festival to reconnect on whatever type of entertainment you two can share together.


Fourth Anniversary: Photographs

We live in an electronic era. We take pics on our cell phones and there they stay forever unless we set them free! Order some framed enlargements from your wedding day or get a canvas print of your favorite Instagram post of your kiddos.


Fifth Anniversary: Wine

You two have probably battled through some tough times at this point in your married lives together. Difficult decisions, career ups and downs, and maybe a few kids? It’s time to break out the fancy wine/beer/booze (whatever your cup of tea is) because you earned it!


Sixth Anniversary: Me Time

You love your spouse, obvs. I mean, you’ve chosen to spend your life with them. But let me tell you….after being married for a couple of years dealing with kids, jobs, families, whatever, sometimes the best gift you can give is a few hours alone.


Seventh Anniversary: Mattress

Did you know that mattresses have a lifespan? If you’ve been married for seven years chances are your marital bed is just as old as your wedding vows. (Maybe that’s where the “seven year itch” really comes from??) A new mattress will help you sleep better and bonus! You’ll need to break it in, right??


Eighth Anniversary: An Adventure

Are you a couple of daredevils? Find a local zip lining course or a skydiving program. Woo! A little more reserved? Go to an amusement park or learn to surf. Get out of your comfort zone and into each other’s arms!


Ninth Anniversary: Your Health

Get out of your routine and do something fun and healthy together. Are you hikers? Gift each other a new pair of hiking boots and get out on the trail. Is it time for a bicycle upgrade? Splurge on a new set of wheels or rent a tandem bike and be adorable together.


Tenth Anniversary: Honeymoon Deux

Ten years – you did it! Go big for this milestone and recreate your honeymoon or first date or the place where you met. Maybe you never took a honeymoon? Well now is the time! After ten years of marriage you might be in a rut so this is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with your spouse.

Tell me what fun anniversary gifts you’ve given your partner!

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