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5 Reasons Why Having One Kid Is Hard

5 Reasons Why Having One Kid Is HardDid you click on this article because of the title? Well, I may have used it to get your attention. But I’m here you to tell you my truth – one kid is hard. You know how I know that? Because I have one toddler. And I’m guessing that two kids are hard. And that three (or more) kids are difficult, too. Being a parent in general is hard, and it doesn’t matter if you have one kid or a whole SUV full of them.

My One Kid

I have one child with special needs. It is a term I cringe at because it doesn’t really describe my toddler. He has a disease called Cystic Fibrosis, which I have talked about on Wine Country Moms Blog before. He takes enzymes before he eats every meal so he can get nutrients. On top of that, he has to eat three times more than other kids just to stay skinny. We also do his nebulizer twice per day while watching TV, and sometimes three or four times if we think he may be getting sick.

So many people say, “I don’t know how you do it”. Well, I wasn’t given a choice, so this is the only life I know. While I look forward to the day that Cystic Fibrosis is cured, this is what we will do each day to help his lungs and help him to grow. I don’t know what life is like for other parents because that is not my life.

Toddlers, amirite?!?! Here are 5 things I know about having one kid:

  1. I do know that having a two-year-old that still refuses to eat regular food (and will only take a bottle and puree that you have to feed him) is difficult. It may look weird, but it’s my truth.
  2. I know that having one kid who runs away from you when you want to put a sock on him (as he’s taking off the other) is frustrating. Oh, and now you’re late. That’s hard.
  3. I know the feeling of seeing all the Facebook events for holiday parties that you can’t go to because they start at 8 p.m. (past your bedtime). You feel like you’re left out, and it can leave you feeling lonely.
  4. I know that getting woken up at 1 a.m. to a screaming toddler, who fell out of his own bed as he tried to get out, and staying up for two hours in the middle the night is hard.
  5. I know that it’s easy to slip into a judgmental mode when you look at other people and their kids. But just remember we all have it hard. We are parents; this is the toughest and most rewarding thing we will ever do.

I Know that Having Two and Three Kids is Hard

I often receive many backhanded remarks about having only one kid. That it must be so easy, and life doesn’t change much until you have two or three kids. Well, you know what? Life is completely different, and I’m okay with that.

Because my truth is also that my one kid is so much fun. He’s a curious chatterbox, who wants to constantly run and get into things. He’s learning shapes, colors, and empathy for others.

My truth is that we decided that we’re only having one kid. While many people say that’s selfish or that I’ll change my mind in a few years, I know that it’s the right decision for my family. And ultimately, we’re all just making the best decisions for our families.

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