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5 Ways Wine & Kids Are a Lot Alike

On my last drive back from Sonoma County to San Diego, my son slept quite a bit. This left my husband and I to ride south in virtual silence. Each time I leave my hometown, I have lots of time to contemplate how much I miss Sonoma. This time, however, my thoughts took a bit of a left turn to how wine and kids are a lot alike.

5 Ways Kids and Wine are Basically Twins

  1. Young wines, like small children, can be a bit hard to handle (depending on the varietal, of course), but they do have redeeming features. Young wines contain both antioxidants and harsh tannins. Similarly, tiny humans’ capacity to learn is miraculous but their tantrums can leave a really bad taste in your mouth.tantrum
  2. Kids and wine are both seemingly born with unique characteristics all their own. Some parents love these traits; others can’t wait for their kids or their wines to grow out of them, hoping that time will work its magic, smoothing out some of the rough edges.
  3. Everyone has an opinion about what makes a good wine and how to raise a great kid. Most of the time its best to ignore even the well meaning critics and trust your own gut. It won’t steer you wrong.
  4. Packaging can be deceptive and price doesn’t determine quality. I’ve bought bottles of wine based solely on the label – some were great, others disappointed. I’ve also (I’m ashamed to admit) bought the most expensive bottle of wine I can find hoping that would ensure its quality. It rarely did. Kids can be kind of the same way. Some Eddie Haskell‘s present perfectly, but act differently behind closed doors, and some kids are given everything only to never get it together.cheers
  5. Wine, like raising kids, is so much better with friends and family. What makes a wine memorable, is who you share the bottle with. So it is with kids.

Benjamin Franklin once said that “wine is proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy.” I think the same is true about children (generally).

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