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Prenatal and Postpartum Resources {Pregnancy Directory for North Bay Moms}

This Guide was built in partnership with local businesses. We personally solicited our partners because we love what they do, and think their good work should be shared.

The business of becoming a mother can feel very daunting, especially in the beginning. Thankfully the North Bay is full of wonderful, compassionate, and loving people who can help navigate any mom through the process of pregnancy. For you, we have a complete guide to local pregnancy and postpartum resources. At the very bottom of our guide, we included a map with plenty of resources, from Solano to Marin, covering prenatal yoga, local 4d ultrasound businesses, and fertility clinics. We hope you enjoy and share with your pregnant friends!


I am a Licensed Midwife, Natural Childbirth Educator, Birth Monitrice, and Placenta Encapsulator.  I am passionate about educating families about their choices.  I believe that no matter where a woman chooses to birth, it is her right to choose what is appropriate for her body and her baby.  I bring a balance of compassion and trust in the birthing process, paired with a respect for the current medical research and medical standards.  I practice evidence-based midwifery, but believe that is through connection and individualized care, that a woman and her partner can truly be served.  I am ecstatic to be serving the women and families of the North Bay, and do so with joy, gratitude, and humility.


Connect with yourself, your children and your community. Imagine a circle of mothers and babies in your community,

… being cared for and appreciated by other women.
… cultivating your unique art of mothering.
… creating a network of support and friendship. 
… learning the secrets of self-care from the wise women in your community.
… in the midst of a joyful gathering with your babies.

This is Mothering Arts.

Mothering Arts inspires women to embody their unique art of mothering. We offer local classes for mothers and babies in the postpartum year, evening classes and online classes for parents of young children, as well as a free monthly marketplace with vendors, raffles and great company. 



Thrive Birth Center is freestanding birth center in addition to a community space for classes, workshops and events.When birthing at Thrive, we offer quality prenatal and postpartum care in a sanctuary like setting from licensed midwives. Whether you choose to birth at home or in our center, our care is evidence based and rooted in informed consent. After birth, we provide postpartum care in your home, the way it should be, so that you can heal and focus on bonding with your new baby. We believe that birth matters, and if you do too, come tour the center today! 

Call: 707-387-2088



The Santa Rosa Birth Center has been serving women and their families throughout the North Bay for twenty three years.   We provide comprehensive prenatal care, delivery at our Birth Center or at Sutter Santa Rosa Hospital, comprehensive women’s health services, post partum care, lactation and breastfeeding support, breast pump rental and supplies, & fertility services. We are the only state licensed and accredited free standing Birth Center in the Sonoma County.  Our Certified Nurse Midwives specialize in providing compassionate, respectful, evidence based care that is individualized to our clients unique physical, social, spiritual and psychological needs.



Welcoming your new life into the world deserves more than a ‘one-size fits all’ approach. Paula Schnebelt, L.M. has been serving the North Bay for almost 20 years. Along with her team, Paula supports women and their families in natural birth; in their home, on their terms. The Midwives are here to help you give birth in your own unique and perfect way. Most insurance companies cover home birth services. We would love to hear from you! 

Call: Paula Schnebelt LM, CPM (THE Midwife) at 707.287.2822


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Comadres is a full spectrum out-of-hospital based midwifery practice located in Sonoma County.  Comadres holds the strong intention to co-create with the families we care for with comprehensive, personalized midwifery care that holds your sovereignty, wisdom, vulnerability & deepest desires at the heart of our practice. We serve families of all forms with the same skill and loving care who are considered clinically low-risk & desirous of claiming their health care choices as their own. We hold the strong belief in pregnancy and birth as a normal, naturally occurring event which presents the ultimate opportunity for personal and collective transformation. In this spirit, we will provide you with our comprehensive scope of practice, educate you throughout the process to make informed choices and be your guide through the gateway of birth into the lifelong experience of parenting.

Complete Guide to Local Resources (with Map!)

Enjoy our complete guide to birth and postpartum resources with our map, and listings below. The map includes clickable links for: Birth Centers and Hospitals, breastfeeding support, doulas, midwives and more. The listings below are broken up by subtopic, and include a phone number for each business. Happy baby time!

Marin General Hospital Greenbrae (415) 925-7000

Novato Community Hospital (415) 209-1300

Kentfield Hospital (415) 456-9680

Marin City Health and Wellness Center 415-339-8813

Marin Pregnancy Clinic- novato 415.892.0558

Queen of the Valley (707)252-4411

St. Helena Hospital (707) 963-5006

Kaiser Permanente (707) 624-4000

NorthBay Medical Center (707) 646-5000

Sutter Solano Medical Center 707-554-5226

Sutter Hospital 707-576-4600

The Birthplace at Sonoma Valley Hospital 707-935-5301

Kaiser Hospital (click for classes)

Memorial Hospital For Tours Call (707) 522-1544

Santa Rosa Birth Center (707) 539-1544

Petaluma Valley Hospital For Tours Call (707) 778-1111

Southwest Community Health Center (707) 583-8784

Thrive Center for Birth and Family Wellness 707-387-2088

A Birth at a Time (818) 939-8982

At Home Fertility 707.893.7877

Comadres Midwifery (510) 837-7299

Colette Mercier, CPM, LM. Midwifery Services 510.390.4405

Connie Sultana 707-588-8026

Dar a Luz Midwifery (707) 823-4801

Hearthstone 707-892-7877

Meranda Schnack (530) 905-0325

Marin Midwife 415-488-1406

Napa Valley Midwife 707-980-4582

New Birth Services 707-563-1171

New Life Birthing Services (707) 529-0754

North Bay Birth Services 707-812-7303

Paula Schnebelt LM, CPM (707) 287-2822

Peace Love Birth Doula (415) 847-7001

Rebecca DeMartini (415) 794-5874

Robin Rather (707) 601-7615

Shasta Doula (707) 480-6933

Sacred Hands Doula (410) 961-8769

Susanna Napierala (707) 321-2078

Terra and La Luna 707-953-9927

The Luma Center  (Sonoma) (707) 583-9156

The Midwives Childbirth Services (Midwives & Doulas)  (Napa, Sonoma, Marin) (707) 287-2822

Tracy Burman (707) 315-5364

Breastfeeding Sonoma County 707-290-5312

Kaiser Permanente Santa Rosa (707) 393-4044

La Leche League (707) 523-8697

Napa Valley Breastfeeding Coalition 707-251-2047

NewboRN-Solutions (415) 830-4587

Marin Breastfeeding Coalition San Rafael (415) 473-3037

Mothering Arts 707.321.0981

Pomegranate Prenatal Yoga & Parent Center 415.785.3173 San Anselmo

Sebastopol Community Health Center (707) 824-3383

Santa Rosa Community Health Center (Vista) (707) 303-3600 x 3325

Santa Rosa Community Health Center (Lombardi) (707) 547-2220 x 3325

Sutter Medical Center (Warrack Campus) (707) 576-4857

The Sonoma County Breastfeeding Coalition (707) 565-6584

With Child Breastfeeding Support Services 707-327-6911

Women’s Health and Birth Center (707) 539-1544

Advanced Fertility Associates (707) 575-5831

At Home Fertility (707) 893-7877

Blue Lotus Fertility (831) 334-4244

Lane Fertility Institute (415) 233-6145 (SF, Santa Rosa, & Novato)

Flourish Integrative Health (707) 205-1224

Marin Fertility Center (415) 925-9404

Marin Fertility Center (707) 259-1955

North Bay Fertility Center (707) 490-5972


Giles Chiropractic (707) 251-9363 Napa

Ranch Chiropractic (707) 257-3600 Napa

Judevine Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Clinic (707) 578-4156

Battaglino Family Chiropractic (707) 559-4070

Dr. Laura Polak, D.C. (707) 824-0340

Pesenti Chiropractic (707) 544-5338

Toth Chiropractic (707) 526-1390

Dr. Wendy Staples Hicks (707) 292-6140

SoulShine Chiropractic (707) 525-9950

Neck Pain, Back Pain, Headache Relief Center (707) 800-4477



Flourish Integrative Health (707) 205-1224

Acupuncture and herbal medicine with Ruth Schlesinger (707) 823-8903 phone

Santa Rosa Acupuncture (707) 888-4940

Acupuncture Mama (707) 303-7200

Absolute Family Chiropractic (707) 474-5688 Vacaville

A Little Insight 3D/4D Ultrasound (707) 446-3D4D (3343) Vacaville

4D Ultrasound of Napa Valley (707) 266-617

A Little Insight 3 and 4 D Imaging (Solano) 

Prenatal Peek (Sonoma County) (707) 573-8335

Tiny Miracles 3D 4D Prenatal Ultrasound Imaging (Napa County) (707) 965-3836

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