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Celebrating Amazing Local Dads this Father’s Day


Some of our readers have submitted love notes to the amazing dads in their lives, and we are sharing them here to celebrate with all local moms, the dads who help us survive each potty-training session and sleep-deprived night. Happy Father’s Day dads of wine country!

Michael Degen

special dads

“Michael is the most nurturing man I know. He’s the provider for our family, but when he gets home he doesn’t relax. He works a 10 hour shift as a chef, walks through the door and immediately picks up our daughter. There will never be a question in our child’s mind about her daddy’s love for her. He melts me.”


“My husband Joe is the greatest husband and father I know! He works full time so I can stay home with our son (and in 2 months our daughter too!) and still manages to step into dad duty as soon as he gets home so that I can have time to myself. He cooks, does dishes and takes our son to birthday parties and does it with joy, not because he is forced. He is active in our sons schooling and every aspect of how he is raised. Joe always makes sure we know that we are loved. He is amazing and we are so lucky to have him in our lives!”

Jason Castro


“Jason truly enjoys parenting, even in the loudest, craziest, hardest moments, he is in his happy place. In fact he wanted a fourth child … seriously! Nothing fazes him, he helps keep us balanced and most of all, he is the fun maker. He loves to take us on adventures, to plan family trips, and keeps us active. He coaches the sports teams, helps with school work, and every single night he puts the kids to bed and always says that it’s his favorite part of the day. He loves to read to them every night and after prayers, they all fall asleep in a huge pile, so cute! He is one fantastic Dad!”

Derek Huntington


“He works hard as a VP of finance for a solar financing company so that I can stay home with our 2 boys. He encourages me to be the best I can be in everythinf and let’s work out 6 days a week without complaining about how ugh more self care time I get than him. He coaches our sons baseball/tball teams and all the other parents bow down to him and his coaching abilities. He spends what little time he has for himself either working out or assisting his grandma with chores she can’t handle on her own. He is an amazing person!”



“Peter is an amazing stay-at-home dad to two little girls! He does it all- diapers, tantrums, trips to the beach, ballet classes, making cookies, building swings, finding slides and teeter tatters for the yard, and so much more.”



“James is a stay at home father of our three boys (Kellan, 9, Chase, 4, and Max, 9 months). He has made the selfless decision to leave his career on hold to raise our boys so that I could pursue my own career goals while still making sure that the boys have a parent home with them. Because of him, I have promoted within my company at a younger age than anyone before and my children always have a parent home to help with homework, to play with and to take care of them. He coaches baseball, basketball and soccer almost year round. He deserves this because he would never ask for it himself.”

Brian Tessitore

“My kids and I are so lucky to have Brian in our lives.  From the moment I met him I knew he was father material and he’s proven himself as such, over and over again.  His playful spirit, warm heart, and everlasting patience are enviable and I LOVE watching all of those traits come together as he parents our children with me.  He’s also my rock and I wouldn’t want to be on this journey with anyone else.



“My husband is simply amazing. He is a teacher, potter, and can fix or build just about anything. He built a side pottery business which he works on late into the night after our kids are in bed. He does this so I can work part-time and be available for our girls. He is a hard worker, never complains, helps anyone who is in need; he would give you the shirt off his back. He is smart, generous, fun loving and gentle soul. Christian is always engaged with his kids and everyone else’s too. He makes me feel like a million bucks and my girls and I count our blessings everyday.”

Eric Muzzy

“In March his father died suddenly, and while stricken by grief, he kept the family going! He kept his commute from Sonoma to the East Bay going and still came home to pick up, do laundry and read and put our two year old to bed. A month later, my dad passed away. Unbearable that we had these experiences happen at the same time. Still grieving his loss, he supported and cared for me during my most difficult time. We have been through a lot, but he continues to work hard and show unconditional love! He needs a break!”

James Garza


“I sometimes feel like people might think I am making up stories about how wonderful my husband James is at being a dad. He is so loving and giving and has never taken a back seat in the parenting department. He makes lunches, goes on field trips and not just chaperones but takes picturesque sends them to I me throughout the day so I can pretend like I’m there too. He makes sure the bath water isn’t too hot, he carpools, and he even does play dates. He shares his passions with our girls like bowling and baseball and card games. See! Sounds like I’m making it up!”

Steve Rueckert


“Steve should win because he has been a rock in our family since the day I met him. He has been a son to my father and mother during tough times, and older brother to my sister,my best friend. And a perfect role model to our two boys. I lost my father a few months ago and Steve has been a great support. As a father he is fun caring adventurous he is generally a great person he works over 60 hours a week days and nights to provide not only for our household but to my mom and sister. He lives to see his boys smile and call him papa. Steve is an amazing father he teaches are boys that it is okay to show your feelings to have an open mind and to have fun in life. He rarely thinks of himself and I know I may not tell him thank you enough for being here for me and my family. My father was so impressed with how much Steve cares for the world.”

Chris Esso


“Chris is dad to three daughters and an exchange student. that’s 4 teenage girls!! He is always the underdog in our home because girls often stick together. He has endured years of attending Nutcracker ballets, dance recitals, nail salons, no tv remote control, yet he does it all with a smile, excited to spend time with his girls, no matter what he has to do. He travels for work quite a bit, and has very demanding job, but he somehow finds time to volunteer with them at school, even overnight field-trips. He does projects with them like building a teeter-totter and swing in a tree! He’s the best!”


michael“He is the BEST! Mike is a leader in the family, the workplace, and the community. He provides for his wife and all five of his children while being the best role model father any family could have. He tirelessly supports all of the families endeavors and activities while always staying at the top of his game. This man should be recognized as the father of year.”

Pedro Caballero


“My husband has so much going on. Works as a full-time bank manager, starting his own business, home improvements when demanded, and he still makes time to be with the family. With 4 kids, its hard to spend one on one time, but he makes it happen in the little ways. Teaching our oldest daughter how to cook. Taking our youngest daughter for a bike ride. Putting our son to sleep at night. Playing soccer with our middle daughter. Some fathers want to go be alone on Father‘s Day, but this guy wants to spend it with the little people who made him a Dad.”


“Chris is a dedicated, amazing Father, a supportive and loving husband, and a truly selfless person. He works Construction and goes to work everyday to support his family, never complains and always has an optimistic outlook. When his family bought the property we live in 5 years ago, he would work all night to get the house ready for us to live in. He rarely does anything special for himself and spends his weekends with our children since I work weekends. I truly could not ask for a more capable and caring better half. He deserves this award to be recognized for all he does for our family.”


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