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I Hate Social Media. I Think…

Most days I can’t decide if I hate social media, or love it.

I hate that it brings out my judgmental jerk.

“Oh, I see you out at that fancy restaurant. It’s your anniversary? How nice. I wonder how much that meal cost. And the babysitter. And probably a new outfit? Dang, you can afford all that, but not pay back the $50 you owe me? You suck.”

I hate that I feel left out.

“Hey, these people look familiar, I’ll just click through to see if I know who. Definitely a kid from our playgroup. Darn, I forget the kid’s name, but I know the mom. Wonder why mine didn’t get invited? I mean, I haven’t been to a playgroup in a year, but that’s because they plan everything during the week, and I have to work. So lame that we always get left out.”

I hate that it makes me compare myself to other people.

“Gah, look how cute this couple is! I don’t think my hubs and I were ever that cute. Why is her skin so clear, her eyebrows are on point, and she looks so well-rested with a newborn? I look like a hag, and I get a good 7 hours every night. Ugh, and she handmade all those decorations? I am such a slacker.”

I hate that it distracts me from doing the things I need to do.

“Not feeling it today. Let me just hop on Instagram real quick and post this sunrise pic I took. I should probably message that girl selling the baby clothes while I’m on here. I’m already on, so I’ll just check these 27 notifications from Facebook. Oh, sale bin for LuLaRoe? Can’t pass that up!…”

But then, sometimes I love it.

I love that it helps me connect with people that I don’t see often.

“I bet the family would love to see a pic of the kids. And maybe that cute thing the toddler said the other day. Oh, look! My great-aunt in Michigan who I haven’t seen in a decade commented on the picture!”

I love that it gives me an opportunity to give back.

“I feel like crap, but I can’t imagine the struggle she is going through right now. Let me go ahead and just sign up for this Meal Train real quick. At least if I’m still sick, I can pick something up for the family. They shouldn’t have to worry about cooking dinner right now.”

I love that it keeps me current.

“Girl, I just saw on Facebook that Michael Jackson died…”

I love that it can calm my kids down in a heartbeat.

“Baby, come here and do SnapChat with me. You love the doggy faces! It’s okay to be sad, Love, but this can be fun too.”

Hate social media when it hijacks my emotions.

Love social media for bringing people together for good.

Do I hate it, or do I love it? How about you?

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