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Lala’s Ice Creamery, the Perfect Stop for a Mom’s Meet-up (and More!)

On a recent too-warm Friday evening, the local community leaders for our neighborhood group trekked out to Petaluma (the perfect “middle” for everyone in wine country) and over to the sweetest of ice cream spots. The community leaders, called mombassadors, are moms hailing from every town as far south as Petaluma, east as Napa, and as far north as Healdsburg.


They run groups in their respective town (or towns), hosting events and generating a sense of community online and off. Although we chat daily, seeing each other in person is a real treat, and the best way to celebrate was with “a treat” at Lala’s.

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Stationed in quaint downtown Petaluma and nearly catty-corner from the Phoenix, lala’s is a fantastic respite from your busy mama day. The building hosts a long bar of white marble, vintage leather stools, and hooks for your heavy purses. A few tables line the south wall, two large booths take up the beautiful bay windows.

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Out the rear door, a wide deck is dotted with round metal tables and below that, a small playhouse keeps the busier kids entertained while the parents enjoy the last morsels of their decadent treats.

We absolutely loved our experience at Lala’s and couldn’t wait to go back for more. Here’s what Lala’s has to say: 

We are the real deal! We support local businesses and farmers. We make almost everything we serve from our ice creams, down to our cherries. We do this because it’s important to us to provide treats that are organic, preservative free, dye free and all natural. We make all of ice cream from 100% organic bases using local Straus for our dairy ice creams, and organic coconut base for our vegan ice creams.


We make our ice cream, organic waffle cones, sauces and baked goodies daily in small batches. We have natural dye rainbow sprinkles, gummy bears, gummy worms and Dutch chocolate sprinkles. We use fair trade chocolate in many of our products. We do our part towards being environmentally responsible. Our paper products are biodegradable and compostable; most of them come from a local Petaluma based company!

We hire MANY Petaluma youth, and for many of which we are their first employer. We mentor them, provide a safe and fun work environment, as well as teach them life-long job skills. We love what we do and where we do it! Our shop is somewhere that people can come to hang out, play a game or sit out on the back deck to enjoy their marvelous treats. 

We love their delightful menu and are so excited about the fall treats now available! Customers can enjoy a curated selection of home-made ice cream flavors like Pumpkin with Cinnamon Sugar, Cranberry Swirl, and Apple Cider Sorbet. These flavors are available for a limited time through November.

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