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A Tribute to Mamas Raising Teenage Daughters: We Will ALL Be Okay

Do you wonder what life with teenage daughters is like? I hate to burst some of your bubbles, but if you think having older children will be easier, guess again. Sure, you won’t be changing diapers, or waking up for late night play time, and the demand for playtime with you will decrease. All of that is replaced with the constant effort of making sure your children are decent human beings in this world.

You have to remind them what is polite, what is acceptable behavior, how to be a good friend, how to be responsible with money, how to be a good student… and why! Let’s not forget how and why to make good life choices. The list goes on and on and it is EXHAUSTING. My girls are 13 and 15, and  everything seems to be a life lesson these days. I am not saying that I do not enjoy doing it. It is very gratifying.

I think it’s funny when people find out that I have two teenage daughters and they just say, “Ohhhh.” There is instant sympathy thrown at me. Unless you have teenage daughters, maybe you won’t understand what I mean. Some of you mamas will have “easy” teenagers. You know, the kind that make you feel like being a mother is easy. That is not my life or my teenagers. Let me shed some light on a day in the life of being a mother of teenage daughters.

The case of multiple personalities

Seriously, sometimes I do not know which Angelina I am dealing with for the day. Sometimes she is funny and sweet and sometimes the attitude is just too real. Everything has the potential to be dipped in sass. She’s 5′ 0″ with a 6’1″ attitude! Sometimes she wants to hang out and sometimes she’ll just lock herself in her room. And we can’t forget teenage naps until 8:00 p.m.

The award-winning eye-roll

Izzy can roll her eyes to save your life. I mean the way those eyes roll back into her head amazes me. It could be something as simple as asking her to take the trash out. 

There is no concept of money

I was a teen once, and any time I had a little bit of dough, I blew threw it like candy on Halloween. My daughters think that money grows out of my ears! When they get money, I do make them buy their own make-up, snacks, and expensive clothing. I gotta teach them something right?

Built-in haters

Man these girls hate on everything I do. It’s actually quite funny. “Mom is that what you are wearing today?” “What is wrong with your leggings?” “Can you stop dancing like that in public?” “Your snaps are so annoying. I’m going to delete you.”

Self Obsession

If it does not have to do with them, they couldn’t care less. Things have to happen “now.” If you can’t take them to the mall the day they want to go, it is hard to wrap their brains around the fact that maybe you are tired or busy with other things that are not as pressing as being a taxi for them, and their friends. 

Speaking of friends

Prepare to almost always have an extra kid laying around your house. This is the age of unbreakable bonds, and they cannot survive without time with their friends. If you are anything like me, living with mistrust of the world, you will open your house to your children’s’ friends without a thought. I mean, there is no other safe place than home, right?

For the most part, my kids are pretty darn good…        

I catch glimpses of the amazingness that they really are and not the teenage attitude that takes over them. Angelina is loyal and extremely honest. She is a lover of animals, smart, and never had a problem with Common Core. Izzy is my little sweet and sour. She is spunky and full of energy. She will always find a way to lay over my lap for a back rub even though she is bigger than me! I can send them both into the world and will get good reviews relayed back to me. 

You really have to decide what kind of mother are you going to be through this experimental phase of teenage daughters. They will test their boundaries within an inch of your sanity. Are you going to be the super strict mom? Are you going to be not caring mom? Or are you going to be the mom who understands what they are going through because you were there once? I try to keep open lines of communication with them. Are they always open with me without fault? No, but they know I am here. I remind them to the point of annoyance. With everything school and sports, I am their biggest cheerleader.

So to all you mamas out there who are raising teenage daughters, and you feel like they hate you everyday, and that you are doing a horrible job… I tip my hat to you. 

We are fine. They are going to be fine. We grew out of it and so will they.

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  1. Laura May 14, 2017 at 3:55 pm #

    Love you!! You are an amazing mama 😘