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Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall, I Might Want Botox After All

When I look in the mirror, I see dark circles under my eyes, facial discoloration, stretch marks, and a wrinkle etching it’s memoir above my eyebrow. But I also see an independent woman who has spent the majority of her life dedicated to her career. I see a loving mother who has stayed up all night, not only caring for her own children but also for critically ill patients. I see a strong woman whose body has carried and delivered a beautiful full-term baby twice in her lifetime. And I see a working mom trying to keep it all together. From raising her kids and providing for her family to being concerned about the safety of every patient undergoing surgery, her mind is constantly on overdrive, orchestrating every moment of the day.

Mama Knows Best

Growing up with two older brothers, I never cared much for make-up. My mom used to tell me that make-up would make me look older, causing premature aging and wrinkles. This is advice I will happily pass on to my daughters when they enter the dreaded teen years (Thanks, Mom!)  I can also thank my mom for teaching me early about the importance of a good skin care routine. From wearing sunscreen to preventative moisturizers, she has always reminded me to protect my skin. 

Time For A Touch-Up

While a great skin care routine goes a long way, I feel like I have reached the age where my youthfulness needs a little boost. Ever since I turned 35 (Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone!), I’ve been paying more attention to products like concealers, liquid eyeliners, and long-lasting mascaras. Lash extensions and eyebrow microblading are beginning to peak my interest. And I’m not ashamed to admit that one day, Botox may become a reality.

Beautiful You

I’m proud of the woman I’ve become and how I got here. I just don’t always want to look like life’s journey has taken a toll. Making the decision to have cosmetic enhancements or plastic surgery requires an acceptance of who you are and a desire to make a change. Confidence thrives on self-love. So you must truly love yourself and your body before committing to any procedure. These are personal choices that should be made without regret. 

Some days I’m more self-conscious about my body image than others, and my opinion about my body has changed through the years. I was once interested in breast augmentation, as I’m not genetically gifted with anything larger than an A cup. Surprisingly, my insecurities dissipated after having children. And despite being further deflated from breast-feeding, I feel more comfortable in my own skin (plus, I have a new-found obsession with bralettes!)

For now, I’m sticking to the prospect of noninvasive cosmetic enhancements in the future. But that little wrinkle above my eyebrow doesn’t really bother me and I generally don’t notice my post-baby “belly pooch.” If the time comes when I’m ready to rejuvenate and renew my target areas, I’m going to do it for me! And you better believe I’m going to feel good about it!

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