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Back To School Style: Trends That Should Stay In Our Past

Believe it or not, Summer’s almost over and our kids are gearing up to start school again! Growing up, my favorite part of preparing for a new school year was shopping for new clothes with my mom. But I wasn’t always a self-proclaimed shopaholic. Since the majority of my childhood school years were spent in a uniform, back-to-school style was not my forte when I hit my preteen/teen years. Thankfully, my best friends introduced me to Seventeen and YM magazine, and I drew style inspiration from classic shows like Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Blossom and Sister Sister. As awesome as I thought I looked, there are some styles that should’ve never found a home in my closet.

Here Are 6 Back To School Style Trends That Should Stay In Our Memories:

Shoulder Pads


When was the last time you put on an outfit and thought, “Gee, I sure wish this outfit made my shoulders look broader?” Shoulder pads were on everything! Jackets, dresses, sweaters. Besides making me feel like a linebacker, they were a constant nuisance, requiring readjustment on my shoulders every time I moved.
Today’s Trend: Ruffle details or scalloped hems. Assuming that shoulder pads were trying to add a geometric element to your attire, ruffles or scallops bring a soft, feminine touch to any outfit.

Platform Flip-Flops

You may be surprised to learn this, but I’ve been short my whole life. So I’ll admit it – I was a fan of platform flip-flops. Not only did they add 3-4 inches to my height, but I felt like I could wear them with anything – babydoll dresses, mini skirts, flared jeans. So versatile! But really, they were large, black foam blocks trying to pass off as shoes. I’m actually shocked I never tripped while wearing them. Their existence was an ankle-sprain waiting to happen.
Today’s Trend: Platform sneakers. There are a wide range of super cute sneakers with a subtle 1-inch platform. These really can be worn with anything, from leggings to swing dresses.

Rayon Shirts


Ah, rayon – so silky without being silk, so soft without being cotton. Rayon shirts came in so many patterns. They were basically the Lularoe of 90’s menswear. But despite how wicked cool AC Slater looked, rayon has never been the fabric of our lives.
Today’s Trend: Good ol’ cotton shirts – t-shirts, polos, you name it. They’re classic, wrinkle-free, and machine-washable.

Colored Camouflage

While I have seen some women rockin’ the camo skinny jeans or utility vest, I hope bright-colored camouflage remains in the past. I mean, what are pink and purple camouflaging anyway? Just say NO to pink camo cargo pants.
Today’s Trend: Florals. Floral dresses, skirts, and blouses will never go out of style. And if you’re feeling confident, go ahead and try those floral pants (although I may advise against cargos).

Baggy Pants


I’m not referring to the slightly sagging, show-off-your-Calvins, jeans. I’m talking “fit your whole body inside one pant-leg” baggy jeans. Yes, I wore those… with a tiny tank top (that was probably camo.) Because that’s what Aaliyah wore and she looked fly!
Today’s Trend: Honestly, anything that fits. Skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, even high-waisted jeans are making a come-back and I’m not that mad about it.

Thigh Highs

Alicia Silverstone and her Clueless crew may have made them look super cute with their plaid skirts and cardigans, but do you think they’ll really complete your outfit? As if! Unless you’re about to release your inner Spice Girl, thigh highs have no place in your daily wardrobe.
Today’s Trend: Tights. Tights come in bright colors, patterns and textures. Add a pop of bright-colored tights to a simple outfit. Or continue wearing skirts through Winter with sweater tights.

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What style trends from your youth would you add to this list?

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