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Say Goodbye To Your Mom Bra and Hello To Your Confidence

If you’re like me, buying a new bra is the last thing I care to do.  It’s the last thing I want to spend money on.  For the last three years (yes, three years), I’ve been wearing these cozy sports bra-like bras.  You know, the ones that promise to be comfortable for 18 hours and conceal back fat.  Also the ones that say, “I could care less about what I look like with my shirt off.” 

I Was Embarrassed

I’m pretty sure I bought them when I was pregnant with my second baby.  They were so comfy, I just kept on wearing them.  Fast forward to present day.  That scene in the movie Bad Moms, where Mila Kunis is getting ready to go out.  Her girlfriends were poking fun of her bra?  Yep.  That was me.  As I watched that scene, I instantly felt my cheeks flush.  I realized that was the sort of bra I’d been happily rocking for years… and I instantly thought, my poor husband.  I silently vowed to make a little time and budget a little money for myself to take a trip to Victoria’s Secret

The Babysitter was Scheduled

I dropped the kids off at my moms and headed to the mall.  I was not about to drag my kids into the bra store, corralling them in the dressing room while I hem and haw about my boobs.  No thank you.


I arrived at the store, walked up to the first available person I could find and said, “Please help me.”  She looked me up and down and said “When was the last time you bought a bra?”  Ack.  My cheeks flushed again.  She wrapped her tape measure around me, took me to the dressing room and promised to bring me bras to try on.  I didn’t know this, but Victoria’s Secret has “fit bras.”  Ones in every style and size in the dressing room for you to try on.  That was much easier than browsing the store trying to locate my size in all the different styles they carry!  I tried on everything she brought me.  Lo and behold, I found what I was looking for… 

My Newfound Confidence

I smiled the whole way to the register.  Heck, I smiled the whole way home.  That little item sitting in the bag on the passenger seat brought me some BIG confidence.  As soon as I got home I put that sucker on.  I noticed that I stood a little taller.  I held my shoulders back a bit.  The shirt I was wearing actually looked good on me.  We had some friends over for dinner that night, even they could see my new found confidence.  All because of a $50 bra.  Oh yea, and my husband liked it too!

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