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A Tribute to the Mom Tribe Who Rescued Me {You Are My People}

As a mom of three kiddos close in age, I often find myself in a bind when it comes to almost anything. How to get three kids to three soccer games on three different fields. How to pick-up three kids from two different schools at different times and be in the classroom with my own students. How to get three kids to a school performance when one has a playoff baseball game on the other side of town. And my personal favorite, how to get three kids anywhere when one is home sick with the flu. You feel me? We’ve all been there too many times to count. Sometimes I can get help from my go-to man, the hubs, but usually, he’s just as busy with multiple activities himself.

That’s when I call in the reinforcements.

Magic Powers + Mom Intuition = Problem Solved

You see, I have the mom tribe that dreams are made of. These women know what I need before I even ask. It’s crazy scary how this mom tribe intuition works. I can just give one the look and they respond with, “What do you need, let me help.” Then I explain my crazy Jenga schedule nightmare and they say, “No worries, I have an extra booster seat in the back of my car, I got you.”

And boom, just like that, they have saved me. It happens over and over.  

They will stop at nothing to ensure my success

I forget to sign the field trip permission slip and attach the money, they WILL FORGE MY SIGNATURE. I don’t care if you call that illegal, I call it love.

They have volunteered to take in my sick kids when I can’t miss work, like, “Hey, bring them over here, it’s no problem, I would love to hang out with them.” Who says that?

They go on field trips that I can’t attend and they send me gorgeous photos of my children.

They stay late on the playground watching my kids until I can get there as if they don’t have better things to do.

They cheer for them at sporting events in my absence as loud as they humanly can because they know me.

They buy them ice cream, bring them matching t-shirts for twin day, and drive them all over town for me.

They do this because they are my people and when you find your people you will know what I’m talking about.

The tribe does not leave a member behind

Did I just get lucky or is this the new modern motherhood mom tribe? I’m not sure, but I do know that I would do anything for these women and their children. In fact, I’m excited when I can help them, I’m anxious to repay their kindness. So off we go in this circle of giving, trying to share the love and rescue one another whenever we can, because it’s how this whole thing works. The tribe does not leave a member behind, the tribe takes care of its own.

These women have shown me so much grace and have guided me through the ups and downs of motherhood. Not only have they mothered my children, but they have mothered me. They don’t judge me for my mom mistakes, they don’t shame me for my choices, they just pick me up and make me feel like everything will be okay. Like I’m normal. They cry with me, then they laugh with me and I know I couldn’t survive motherhood without them.

You can be in our mom tribe

Our tribe wasn’t planned out, it’s not something we formed intentionally, there was no admission application. It grew out of a shared need and out of the love we had for each other. It’s still growing too, it’s not exclusive or fancy or intimidating. It’s just a bunch of busy moms who want to see each other succeed. We celebrate each others’ successes and know that we all played a tiny part. That’s the best thing. There is so much to celebrate when you have a mom tribe, victories both big and small, and they are so sweet because you have someone to share them with.

So to my fellow mamas, thank you for your steadfast friendship and support. Thank you for loving my children like your own. Thank you for listening to me over a glass of wine when I needed to vent. Most importantly, thank you for helping me be a better mom on this wild ride. We are stronger together, mamas!

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2 Responses to A Tribute to the Mom Tribe Who Rescued Me {You Are My People}

  1. Karen Smith July 8, 2017 at 1:10 am #

    There is no better source of support than this group of women. They are family! They will be there for you even after the kiddos have flown the coup! The kids in your tribe will be lifetime best friends, Some may date, some will go to college together, they’ll be in each other’s wedding, have kids of their own and continue the circle! I am so happy you have a tribe’. Love your post honey! xo

    • Julia Castro
      Julia Castro July 11, 2017 at 9:11 pm #

      Thanks, mom! I have thought about how my mom tribes kids have also grown into such good friends. They look out for each other at school, which makes my heart happy. It’s a win-win all around!