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How to Survive Being A Mombie: 5 Simple Tips

How to Survive Being A Mombie: 5 Simple TipsMombie: A tired mother that feeds on coffee and survives on wine. She is beyond exhausted, but stays up late anyway since it’s her only opportunity for kid-free time.

Mombies – we’re out there. Mombie symptoms vary, but can include: memory loss, getting very hangry, messing up recipes, forgetting when you last showered, relying on delivered groceries, putting those groceries in the pantry instead of the refrigerator, starting laundry but forgetting to put it in the dryer, replying to emails and texts in your head but not in real life, and of course tired and baggy eyes. Of course, all of this applies to the Walking Dads out there, too.

We all have Mombie days. Even if you are one of those moms who brags that your child “sleeps through the night,” you can’t lie to us about this one. Parenting is wonderful, but it’s exhausting – sleepless nights, teething, sick kids… the list could go on. You guys, the other day I microwaved my lunch with the fork in it! Definitely a Mombie moment.

Some days, emptying the laundry basket is incredibly fulfilling. Other days, you feel like nothing was accomplished and that your un-ending to-do list will never get done. Instead of being stressed out, take that energy and embrace the craziness of Mombie life by practicing some “real” and doable self-care. I know that practicing self-care is definitely easier for some. It’s easy to feel selfish about having “me” time, and I am SO guilty of this. Since having a second child (and being a SAHM), I am finally starting to realize how important self-care is for my family. Here’s the thing: it isn’t selfish, and we all need time to ourselves to help us recharge.

*Disclaimer: I’m aware that all of these are easier said than done!


You don’t have to run a marathon, but try to get your body moving every day. Find something that works for you, even if on some days it’s just some simple yoga stretching like cat & cow. You Tube is a great free source of workout videos of varying lengths. If you can’t find someone to watch your child, take them with you to your workout! There are two great national programs out there for moms: Fit4Mom and Baby Bootcamp. These days, many exercise programs like Barre3 and YogaGlo have online subscriptions as well. If the day is over and you find that you forgot or had no time, take a moment for some simple deep breathing exercises before you go to bed. 

2. DRINK THAT GLASS OF WINE (and coffee, yerba mate, or tea) AND EAT THAT ICE CREAM!

Life is short, and the items listed above just make life better. Savor every sip and bite!

3. STAY UP LATE (sometimes)

Most parents would probably agree that staying up late to enjoy some peace and quiet after the kids go to bed is worth it. Especially for the SAHM, this is likely the only precious “me” time after a full day of meeting the needs of our little humans. We may catch up on TV shows, read, or peruse social media.  Whatever you choose, it will be glorious.

However, while it may feel good for the soul, it’s not great for fatigue. I can hear my mom saying “put that phone down and get some sleep!” Find a balance and try to prioritize your time. Choose a couple days each week where you have specific lights out/devices away time. 


Is there something you loved doing before you had kids? Revisiting a creative, artistic, or favorite physical activity can be very beneficial and relaxing. Or pick up a new hobby by taking a class in something that has always been of interest to you. I’ve only taken one dance class since having my kids, but I can’t wait to get back in the studio again. 


Since we live in a social media world, it’s easy to get caught up with comparing our lives to what we see on Facebook and Instagram.  As parents, it’s easy to fall into the black hole of thinking that everyone else has their lives under control. Remember that everything you see online is not always what it seems. Social media is fantastic for staying connected, but the downside is that we use it to measure how things in our life “should” be.

So if you feel like you’re the only one not going on a European vacation, take a break for a bit. Turn off your notifications, or take those apps off your phone altogether. You can always add them back on later, but maybe you’ll be surprised and not miss them at all!

Hopefully, my self-care tips are helpful and you can incorporate some of them into your life. Take care, and wear that Mombie badge proudly!

How to Survive Being A Mombie: 5 Simple Tips

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