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Born This Way: Mom Bod Photo Shoot Casting

Photo Credit: Nicole Jackson Photography

Did you know that April is Body Issues Awareness Month? Team Wine Country Moms Blog realizes the genuine struggle new (and not so new) moms have adjusting to our ever-changing, very-loved, bodies. The challenge to not only accept our bodies as they are through each transition, but to embrace and feel honored in our stretched skin is sometimes too large to overcome on our own.

Bring on the Mom Bod

Mom’s are amazing people, though, who give of themselves when seemingly, there is  nothing left to give. They stay up all night with their sick toddler, nurse their infant through cluster feeding, and return to work (and work clothes) after experiencing the trauma of birth, almost immediately.

In partnership with Lindsey Tatum Photography, we have organized a photo shoot to shine a light on the beauty of all moms: the differences, the similarities and the strengths that can be found within each of us.  Join us for an intimate photo shoot to share-with pride- our different mom bods.

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We are looking for community members to join us!

Who: any mom, at any stage of motherhood (Pregnant, nursing, adoptee, etc. All moms welcome to apply!)

The date: March 15th, 2017

The time: 10 a.m.

The details: Wear your black undergarments (what you feel comfortable wearing). We ask that you leave the kids at home, unless your child is in the “wearable” stage. You will get to meet some of our contributors in all our awkward glory, and participate in this wonderful photo shoot by the talented Lindsey Tatum, to help demonstrate that ALL our mom bods are worthy of love!

To apply to participate:

Mom Advice Casting Call

  • 3-4 sentences MAX. Keep it short. Humor encouraged. Kindness welcome.

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