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Motherhood: Lessons in forgiveness, humility and grace


With tears on my cheeks and food smudged across my shirt, I stared at myself in the bathroom mirror. I could hear little toes waddling back and forth on the floor outside of the bathroom door. A squeal of delight from the baby being tickled by his brother breaks my self-pitying mood and I join in their laughter.

Motherhood is so good for my soul. I am deeply immersed in daily lessons of patience and perseverance. Each tantrum and every sleepless night is an opportunity to respond with kindness. (Not that I always do.) Each missed moment for kindness, is a chance to ask for forgiveness and do better next time. It is my children that teach me forgiveness, humility, and grace.

Every mess (including the same one that I have already picked up three times today) is a lesson in endurance and letting go of my need for control. I am currently embracing the messiness of life and learning to be still and be present in each moment. There is freedom in being present and enjoying a simple moment with your child. I want to get lost in every snuggle, to engrave in my mind the scent of my sweet baby’s neck and my three-year old’s silly laugh. Children look at everything with eyes full of wild and wonder and their excitement is contagious. Their sense of adventure inspires my own. Through their eyes I find magic in the ordinary.

Motherhood humility

My children have taught me to be soft while still standing my ground. They have taught me to be thoughtful with my words and actions. They teach me that it is okay to weep and ride out big emotions. They teach me to release what does not serve me and to seek comfort in the arms of those I love. Through motherhood I have learned to stand firm in grace.

Through mothering, I gained empathy and compassion for others. In a world like ours, full of hurt people, I am thankful to have them guiding me and giving me the courage to live life with arms wide open and a heart full to the rim. Their sweet and good hearts and intentions are examples of the light and love we all should strive to carry.

I am thankful for each moment spent with my children, and I welcome the lessons to come. I stand humbly before them each night after tucking them into bed. Their goodnight kisses are like a salve for my heart after a long day. I am so blessed walking this path in motherhood.


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