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Dear New Breastfeeding Mama, Here’s What No One Else Will Tell You

Breastfeeding and being a mother has been, hands down, the most rewarding experience of my life. I’ve been breastfeeding for almost seven months now. It hasn’t come without a bit of struggle but nothing worth doing in life does and breastfeeding is definitely 100% worth it. It’s hard to describe the experience without sounding incredibly cheesy and so cliche. But I get it now. What all moms tell non-moms is completely true. There is just no way of knowing how wonderful it is until you’re actually going through it.

What they don’t tell you though, and should, is just how much of a journey it truly is. Nobody tells you all the important stuff like how latching might be an issue and even if it’s not, sometimes your newborn will fight you to keep her fed. With the strength and determination of an Olympic athlete, your tiny newborn will flail around and absolutely refuse to to latch. She will keep it going until you feel completely defeated. All this while, you experience sleep deprivation like you’ve never known.

Another thing nobody tells you, is that the first two weeks of breastfeeding is going to feel like you are being tortured in an overseas prison. Your nipples will endure torture like you have never known. It’ll feel like a million burning hot needles are aggressively stabbing at them every time she latches but you’ll be so happy she is latching and eating at the same time. It’s sick. 

And don’t even get me started on the pumping and all the sanitizing while trying to keep your heavy, heavy eyelids open.

Every rational bone in your body is telling you that you need to quit. Formula fed is sounding better and better by the minute but once you have slayed the proverbial dragon of the midevil torture that is breastfeeding a newborn, the reward is endless.

It is definitely the hardest thing I’ve worked for with the biggest reward I’ve ever received and if I had to do it all over again? I’d do it all in a heartbeat because that little smile while she looks up at me while feeding herself is worth more than anything I ever valued before. Sounds crazy but it’s true. So true and so good. 

About This Guest Blogger

Caroline is a recent wine country transplant. Having lived in Sonoma County for three years, she and her husband look forward to putting down their roots and raising their young daughter here. Caroline spent a year pursuing Creative Writing in the MFA program at the University of Maryland before deciding the West Coast was the best coast for her and her family. Her hobbies include enjoying wine, chocolate and good food. 


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