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How New Years Goals Can Change Your Life

How New Years Goals Can Change Your Life

2018 is almost here, and I’m sure many of us are thinking about those pesky New Years resolutions. Just typing those words makes me tense up. Over the last four years, I have honestly made zero resolutions. Mainly because life happens. Real life happens. Life gets busy, kids are always busy, and moms are always trying to balance it all. Sadly, sometimes we also have major life changing events, like losing a loved one. Life is difficult, so instead of making the dreaded “resolution list” for the last four years, I have set weekly and monthly new years goals.

Some weeks/months, these are goals for the entire family. Sometimes, they are just for me. On Saturday or Sunday morning, I make a list of goals for that week. I think about what will make my week easier, how breaking these goals into smaller tasks will help with work/life balance, and how these goals will help me feel good about myself.

I either write my goals in my journal or in my phone’s Notes app.

Once I complete a goal, I check it off my list. This helps me not feel so overwhelmed about ALL the things I need to do. At the end of each month, I like to look back and review what I was able to accomplish and what still needs to be worked on. 

When we set goals as a family (no matter how painful), I always get input from my husband and kids. Yes, I (a control freak mama) ask for input. But you best believe that when the kids and hubby give their ideas, it can end up being a disaster. However, it’s also helpful. Especially when it comes to making sure my kids take part in certain chores that must be done, like organizing their closets or cleaning their rooms.

Of course, there are some weeks that end and I feel like we haven’t accomplished a darn thing! Yes, indeed. However, I just get refocused for the next week, which is easier said than done. Sometimes, I need to reach out to other folks for motivation. That means reaching out to another mom who has it “together,” a sermon from church, a podcast, etc. Regardless of the source, what’s most important is that I’m not throwing in the towel.  

Approaching goals that are short-term helps me to track my accomplishments. Don’t take this as me dissing resolutions.  Resolutions are great for some folks. I’ve just found that I stay on task better when my goals are not set for the entire year.

If you struggle with New Year’s Resolutions, give this way a try and see if it helps you out. Enjoy setting your goals!

How New Years Goals Can Change Your Life

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    Aww, you’re so awesome my friend. Great job! 💝