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No Peace and Bathroom Retreats: 6 Signs You’re in the Parenting Trenches

Becoming a parent often means putting others first and losing your peace. Out goes YOU and in comes the children, their friends, your partner, the extended family, the list could go on. More often than not, you find yourself doing things you never thought you could or would want to. And it is not just changing poo-filled diapers or wiping your child’s boogers with your sleeve. There is a slew of other little daily reminders that you have become a parent.

Bathroom Retreats and a Little Peace

Remember, the bathroom door can be locked. And when you do lock it the world will not end. The children will be okay and your partner will manage alone. Lock the door and get your five minutes of peace. It will become your alone time. Your time to think, to recharge and more importantly to message a friend for help! “Play date needed asap…Bring the caffeine!!” 

Skipping Maintenance

The kids come along and you find yourself canceling the mani/pedi and scheduling another gymnastics class for them instead. Result- your nails now look like they have been chewed off, but your kid can somersault with the best of them! Keeping the kids busy and learning is important, but so is keeping your own body maintained. Treating your body like a temple might seem difficult to achieve when you body is running on empty the majority of the time. However, little fixes can help. Your mood is lifted, you have a little skip in your step, and that little ME time provides a break from the routine.

The Bubble Pops

Your musical bubble that is. Out goes the inappropriate cuss-filled songs, and in comes some of the worst catchy pop tunes known to mankind. Now don’t get me wrong: I love some of the Disney soundtracks out there, BUT could we get some different beats and PLEASE less high pitched screeching. 

Leftovers Become Your Main Course

Cold mushed up food never looked so good! Where once you would scoff at bland options on the menu, you now devour them as the hunger kicks in . . . . which it will after spending two plus hours trying to get the kids to JUST EAT!!!! 

The Best Spot in Town?

Forget the club scene, getting ready for hours with friends and starting your night at 10 p.m. Instead the spot to be seen becomes Target. Yes you read that right. Not only does Target stay open late (in some cases 11 p.m.), but they also serve Starbucks. Aimlessly walk around, sip on your beverage of choice, and get your parent buzz on.

Laugh at the Madness . . . .

I love my children, I really do and I would not go back and do this parent thing any different (well maybe just a small area, but that’s a different post). I am starting to realize that looking after myself is just as important as looking after them. Mommy has needs too! And there will always be a moment in the day when I stop and think “what the hell am I doing?” Overall, though, I just have to laugh at the madness of being a parent and roll with it.

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