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Pregnancy – It’s a Love-Hate Kind of Relationship

Pregnancy - It's a Love-Hate Kind of RelationshipPregnancy has occurred over and over pretty much since the dawn of humankind. When you carry life for the first time, though, you honestly believe that you are the first woman to experience pregnancy. I’ve been lucky enough to have carried life three times. I am blessed with three humans who will call me mom for the rest of my days. It sounds clich√©, but honestly, I loved all three of my children as early as taking a pregnancy test. As they grew in me, the love intensified. Of course, so did the new aches and pains. Pregnancy is nothing short of an incredible milestone in life. My body and mind will both miss the experience of being pregnant. However, I can also say, “Good riddance!” all in the same breath.

Pregnancy – It’s a Love-Hate Thing

First Trimester

What I loved:

  • Imagining a new baby to hold and snuggle.
  • Keeping the pregnancy secret as if I were in the FBI, all while bursting at the seams to tell everyone.
  • The first doctor appointment, where you receive confirmation and get your due date.
  • All the algorithms and marketing in your ads throughout your online searches are pregnancy related. Mainly due to the fact that you’ve searched a thousand different ways to test early, early signs of pregnancy, and pregnancy apps.

What I hated:

  • Nausea. A little more nausea. And, for good measure, more nausea.
  • Not being able to partake in my morning ritual of caffeine. I was caught between survival and hanging over the porcelain throne most mornings.
  • Pure water works. Crying at things not worth the cry, like a University of Phoenix commercial. Or getting glossy-eyed over a squirrel running from a dog in a park. Hormones are pretty wild.
  • I wanted to sleep ALL the time. I thought about sleep and how I could sneak in a nap, or once my kid fell asleep how I would catch some zzzzz’s with him.

Second Trimester

What I loved:

  • My energy is back and I have a new spring in my step.
  • Dare I say that my libido is back, too. This made me feel normal and oh, so happy!
  • Pregnancy glow. Skin is flawless. Hair is glossy. Nails are growing and look like I just got a manicure.
  • Loved not having to suck in the belly – after all, I am with child.
  • The first little flutter in the belly. Ahhh, that feeling is like nothing in this whole world.

What I hated:

  • Not being quite big enough to look pregnant or getting the look of “Dang, that girl goes back for seconds!” A LOT.
  • Having to pull out your maternity clothes right at the end of 13 weeks. Not because you’re excited, but because your belly has an imprint of a Levi’s button.
  • The never-ending question – “What are you having?” My husband and I chose to wait until birth to find out the baby’s gender on all three pregnancies, so I started to answer that I was having a rhino.
  • Heartburn, even after a glass of water.
  • Feeling judged for always being hungry – “Hey, you going to finish that?”

Third Trimester

What I loved:

  • The courtesy of the public. Nobody ever waits longer than three seconds to hold the door, but when you’re pregnant, some people wait a whole 30 seconds holding the door as I waddled into a store.
  • Narrowing down baby names with my husband.
  • The official countdown has started, although the final two weeks feel like two years.
  • Using my ever-growing belly as a place for my coffee mug (Hallelujah, I can drink coffee again).
  • Playing the pregnancy card (I should have used this more).

What I hated:

  • Back pain. In my situation, the back pain that makes you feel like you’d rather be in labor without drugs.
  • Bathroom trips to empty your bladder when you there’s not a drop of urine in you.
  • Hemorrhoids – NO need for explanation.
  • Hearing remarks about my growing belly. Extra annoying points if they ask about my due date or when I’m going to “pop”.  
  • The ever-so-beautiful flutters have become jabs, hits, and strikes. Sometimes, it feels like you got a wild child in your belly who will be part of the fight club once born.

Through every physical ailment, hormonal outburst, and new memory you have with pregnancy, there’s nothing like holding your sweet newborn baby in your arms. I would do it all over again – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Although I doubt a fourth child is in my cards.

What did you love or hate about pregnancy? Let me know in the comments.

Pregnancy - It's a Love-Hate Kind of Relationship

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