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Blogging 101: How to Publish a Killer Blog Post {in 13 Easy Steps}

So you want to be a blogger, eh? Easy-peasy! Just follow along and you can publish a blog post in no time at all.*

Step 1: Decide where to publish. Do you have your own blog? (If yes, you probably don’t need to read this, but thanks for the support). There are many free hosting sites, such as Blogger or WordPress where you can set up shop for free. If you are more of a one-and-done type, check out Medium to have your post published without the back-end work. You can also submit to various existing websites (such as your local City Moms Blog) as a guest contributor. Who knows, it might lead to an offer to be a regular contributor!

Ah, but you had a great post idea, right? Let’s not squelch the creative juices with all these decisions. We’ll come back to step 1 later.

Step 2: Pick your medium: Pen and paper? Word processor? I personally hate writing anything longer than a shopping list on a tablet, but the unnamed generation after us Millennials can probably rock that technology.

Step 3: Do a quick outline. What is your main idea? Do you have a specific message to convey? What major points do you want to make? (I don’t actually do this step, but it sounds like a really good idea. I also usually forget half my main points by the time life slows down enough to even start a post).

Step 4: Know your audience. Who are you writing for? Try to put yourself in your target audience’s shoes, and write to that person. Trust me it makes it much more interesting and engaging for those of us who are reading your post IRL.

Step 5: Get comfortable. Before I sit down to write, I like to use the facilities, get a cup of tea, maybe put some LuLaRoe on (Ha, like I have time to write at home with 4 kids). It is amazing how fast you will forget what you meant to write, when you have to get up for a snack (or risk passing out from lack of nutrients). You guys, PSA: Coffee is not a meal.

Step 6: Write! Do you still remember what you wanted to write about? Of course you do, because unlike me, you made an outline. If you got this far without a topic, kudos on your perseverance! Just think of something that you feel passionate about, that other folks might resonate with. People who park over the line at Trader Joe’s? Or seriously, parking at Trader Joe’s period?! Why is every parking lot at TJs so small, and cramped, and full of terrible drivers? (Not us, Reader, but all those other people…) Or maybe a rant about lice. Ugh, the bane of Winter.

Step 7: Go reheat your tea/coffee (…or refill your wine glass. We are Moms, no judgment).

Step 8: Time to edit! Actually, that was a lot of work for one day. Pat yourself on the back. Put your post away for a couple days and go relax with your fresh drink.

Step 9: (A couple days later, right?) Now it’s really time to edit. Read through your post with zero inflection. Does it still flow? Check spelling, add some headlines, cut it down if it’s too long, or bulk it up a bit if it’s too short. If you are in WordPress, check your ‘readability’ and make some updates. You are doing great!

Step 10: Get the opinion of someone you love, trust, and can accept feedback from. Or someone you don’t like, but still trust to give you honest feedback.

Step 11: Edit some more. By now you are thinking this is such a waste of time, and not as fun as you thought at first, right? “Why am I not trending yet?!” I feel you. Also, patience is a virtue.

Step 12: Determine the venue. When you feel ‘done’ and satisfied with your post, go back to Step 1, and decide where to publish it, if you haven’t done so yet.

Step 13: Sharing is CARING. Once your baby goes live, share the heck out of it on all social media channels. Tell your friends and family to read it and comment. Then interact with their comments! It’ll make you more popular, trust me.

Ahhhhhh, doesn’t that feel good? Ready to start over again?

*Online presence results not guaranteed. I’m not famous yet either, yo.

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