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Stop School Traffic Insanity (Safety for Everyone is Important)

School traffic insanity is driving me insane!

I drop off and pick up school children everyday. Every time I approach the schools, I’m appalled at the lack of concern for the safety and consideration of others amid the school traffic insanity!

Every parent wants convenience – I get it. But when convenience comes before the safety of other parents and children? Well, a line has been crossed. Blocking the street by double parking is neither safe, nor considerate. I don’t care if you’re sitting in your car with the engine running. You are still blocking the flow of traffic and visibility for motorists driving through. Not to mention pedestrians (i.e. children) who are crossing the street.

Recently, I’ve experienced lots of school traffic insanity.

The other day, I couldn’t make a right turn to find a parking spot. The person in front of me wanted to turn left, but couldn’t. The street was backed up by parents waiting in their cars to pull up to the pick up spot so they didn’t have to get out of their cars. Have some consideration for the rest of us and park your car in a safe spot. Then, get out and walk to pick up your children. God knows we can all use a little more exercise in our lives.

I was also blocked in one day when trying to leave to pick up my stepdaughter. I was parked on the street, and the line of double-parked cars was endless. Everyone was in their cars with the engine running, as if that somehow makes it ok. However, nobody would move. So I was stuck, and therefore late picking up my stepdaughter. How on Earth is this acceptable?

And it’s not just me.

I discussed my frustrations with other moms, and they echo my concerns on school traffic insanity. I even brought it up with the principal of my daughter’s school one day. Surprisingly, she didn’t seem to think it was an issue. But of course, she isn’t one of us moms stuck in the middle of the insanity five days a week.

There has to be a better way.

A couple of years ago there was a different system in place. Parents pulled up in the parking lot and if the spots were all taken then they would pull up in the yellow zone and wait there for their kids. This system seemed to work much better, and the road wasn’t blocked by an endless line of cars. If there wasn’t any space available to wait, parents would actually park legally along the street and get out to get their kids.

Apparently, that way of doing things was unsafe. Their current method of madness (in my opinion) has many more safety concerns, though. There has to be a better way. Not allowing people to block the street out of sheer laziness would be a great start. If the pick up line is full, park your cars and walk to pick up your kid. Something with such a simple solution shouldn’t cause so much school traffic insanity!

What do you think the solution to school traffic insanity is? Share your opinion in the comments.

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