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The Ugly Side of Pregnancy: Vomit and All

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Here we look at the ugly side of pregnancy because at some point or occasionally throughout the whole nine months the ugly happens! Now there is good and bad in all aspects of life including pregnancy. And honestly despite the wonderful outcome of our tiny miracles the nine month ordeal is down right UGLY!!

First Comes Nausea

Or the “glow” as some moron phrased it. It is no glow. What that “glow” really is, is me sweating as I try not to vomit with every smell during my day or bump in the road! And it is not just the naturally bad smells such as public restrooms that make us pregnant women vomit. Any and all smells… good food, once treasured candles, happy non pregnant people will make us nauseas.


The word is explanation enough. If it was not bad enough that pregnant women spend an extraordinary amount of time in the bathroom we are now sticking our faces in a toilet bowl throwing up every morsel that we dared try to digest. And while hunched over a toilet bowl, sometimes in public restrooms, where no person should ever have to look we now get a glimpse of the next stage of parenthood. The no privacy or lack of alone time stage. Stop the knocking on the door and head over to the next available cubicle!

Horse Pills aka Pre-Natals

Who decided pre-natals needed to be so big? As if keeping food down and digested was not hard enough during the nine months of pregnancy. Now that exact same pill designed to give us nutrients causes us to gag. And the gummy version of prenatals are a great alternative if we can keep them hidden from our toddlers. “Sharing is caring MOMMY!”

And then the embarrassment begins…

Paste Pants

Leggings are supposed to be stretchy and the majority of times they are however when pregnant women can tend to grow at an alarming rate in the most bizarre places. In turn this causes “paste pant/legging” syndrome. Paste pant syndrome is where it becomes a struggle (bring on more sweating) to pull your pants down and then worse still you have to get the paste pants back up (cue more sweating and panic). How do thighs expand so quickly? And again stop the knocking on the door and move on to the next cubicle!!!

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Uncontrolled Peeing

The uncontrolled peeing will come at the most inconvenient moments. At some points it feels like every five minutes so forget enjoying a show or sitting down for dinner with friends. In fact forget having friends as if they make you laugh you will wet yourself. Resulting in them not wanting to be your friends anymore because you are a grown adult who has just wet herself in public. Cue more embarrassed sweating and panic. Okay perhaps this part is slightly exaggerated as in reality there are several ways to gloss over this. Pee? No! I spilt water on my lap.

Mom-Brain Moments

Get prepared to give blank stares to people when they ask you questions. You will soon forget where you live, what you walked into the room for and at some point your very own name. Worse still is when you forget words in general. You will be mid sentence and then just stop as you realize you cannot recall the word you wanted to say. And then the sweat begins again!

And then it is all worth it…

Now in no way is this meant to scare you from trying to get pregnant or terrify those mamas who have just found out their happy news. Rather this is to prepare you and more importantly let you know you are not alone. There are other mothers out there sweating, sitting in wet undies, and trying to keep food down as they debate over baby names. The moment all this becomes worth it? When those tiny little fingers are wrapped around yours.

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Oh and did I mention pregnancy MIGHT make you a little temperamental? But that is a different post 🙂

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