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Resolving to Not Resolve (An Unapologetic New Years)

The fresh start of a New Year is always so inspiring. We make resolutions and promises to better ourselves and finally do the things we said we always would. It’s a time for us to take that chance and make the change! I’m all for growth and bettering myself, but the pressure of the January 1st timeline kills my soul. The fact that only 8% of people actually complete their resolution is a total buzz kill. So this time around, I’m not going to set myself up for failure. Instead, I’m going to make the promise to just be myself and love it! I’m saying no to the pressures this time of year brings.

I am choosing to be unapologetic this New Years. I will take my faults and my strengths and run with them. So what if I don’t stop biting my nails, never clean out my closet, or drink too much coffee! It is just plain ridiculous to try and correct all mishaps and mistakes come January. That pressure is unrealistic, and really, what can January 1st give me that June 17th can not?

A reset button does not exist. No huge EASY button shows up at my door step on New Year’s Eve ready for me to push after the 3,2,1…

It’s up to me to make the changes I want in life throughout the year. Life should not be full of procrastination on growth and well being from October to NYE, just waiting for the clock to strike 12 a.m. Remember, Cinderella turns back to normal at midnight, not the other way around. Throughout the year, make those small changes. The promise of the New Year making those changes easier is a false reality that we need to let go of. #goodbyeglassslipper

The only promise I make is to let go of the pressures society holds and what is normally done. True change, in any aspect of life, does not occur instantly. That’s the problem with resolutions altogether. It takes practice, patience, and determination to follow through. I chose to allow time to make those changes and live my life accordingly. Who made up resolutions anyway? I wonder if they stuck to their promises year in and year out. I’m not trying to hate on resolutions entirely, because there are some I have kept and others I have completely failed at. To me, the resolutions I followed through on were obviously ones I truly wanted to change. I know that development would have happened any other month of the year.

So, don’t allow the pressure to seep in this time around. Change is good year long, and stressing on it during the beginning of the year will probably just set you back further from your goals. So whether or not I travel more, continue my fitness journey, or save some money this time around, I’ll be happy either way. Maybe your own personal reset button should include being unapologetic. Don’t be sorry for who you are, what you do, and embrace yourself pressure free. That way you can go through the year as you wish, and have the best one yet.

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