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Wine Country Moms Bare Al(most)l {2017’s Body Positivity Project}

Our second annual mom-bod photo shoot is here! We are so thrilled that all these moms trusted us enough to share their hearts here, in the vulnerable space where we talk about body positivity. Come back every Monday for the month of April to enjoy more stories of mom-bods!

Special thanks to our partner Lindsey Tatum Photography for capturing these images, and to Little Rental Co. for loaning us the fantastic wicker chair!

Jessica DeMartini

Mother to, Erminio age 2

I am turning 40 this year and have been reflecting a lot on the past. In looking at younger photos of myself, I see a beautiful woman who has no idea she’s beautiful. Frankly, that message has still persevered. I have always been very confident in my professional abilities as a User Experience Leader (I make apps fun to use!) and a Plexus Ambassador (health and wellness products), but I have never been able to apply that confidence to my physical appearance.
I have decided it’s time to change how I perceive myself and am taking steps to reach that goal! One such step is taking lots of selfies. I’ve never liked photos of myself, but it’s amazing what it does for your self perception to actually look at yourself!
Being surrounded by other beautiful women at the photoshoot really made me feel beautiful too!  There was a time when I would have thought I didn’t belong around these women, but not today. This mom bod gave birth to a handsome little boy. It’s amazing what it is capable of! It’s beautiful!

 Stacie Racho

Mom to Angelina and Isabelle, ages 15 and 13, Stepmom to Andrew, age 9:


The relationship with my mom bod is a love/hate relationship. I have always had body issues. Before having kids, I felt too skinny, and after kids, I’ve always felt too chubby. Currently, I’m not in the best shape. I am a prime example of a mother who takes care of herself last. I wanted to participate in the Mom Bod project to  teach myself to embrace my body, even though I’m at the heaviest I’ve ever been. Having teenage daughters, it is important for me to try and not body shame myself, but I do. Ultimately, I know this is my one body, and I need to do all the little things I use to do to stay fit and healthy. I was a little uncomfortable at first, but being half naked with other mamas with different body types helped me to feel more empowered. There was no judgments whatsoever and women need to feel more of that from other women. 

People have formed opinions that my tattoos make me a certain kind of mother. I’ve even had someone tell me, “What kind of mother has that many tattoos?” My body art does not define who I am as a mother. I’m just a regular mom trying to provide the best life that I can for my children. Every single tattoo shares a story of the journeys I’ve been on in my life. Some people collect magnets, I collect tattoos.

Kendra Benson

Mom to Carree age: 2 weeks

I could write a novel about my struggles to love my body starting from a very young age.  It of course carried over to adulthood, and affected my feelings about pregnancy.  I worried a lot about “the aftermath” a pregnancy brings to your body.  I didn’t want to lose myself to never dropping the dreaded baby weight, but then I ended up not being able to eat due to severe nausea/morning sickness.  
My fears of the mombod turned to fears of the baby inside me not getting what she needed.  In the end of it all I had a very healthy 8 pound 9 ounce daughter.  I hope to do my best to show her healthy ways of eating and existing so she has the most amazing life possible.  It’s not about weight so much as a mind-set to love yourself, and I want to help her love herself.

Wine Country Moms Blog Professional Photography via Lindsey Tatum Photography.

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