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Taking a Toddler to ATT Park: Covering All of Your Bases for a Ballgame Blast

We are a family of sports fanatics.

We go to at least one sporting event a season. In the Bay Area, we have access to some incredible venues. And what a time to be a sports fan in Northern California. The Golden State Warriors recently securing their second championship title in three years. The San Francisco 49ers with their brand spankin’ new Levi’s Stadium. Even the Oakland Raiders made an appearance in the 2016-2017 playoffs. With three World Series Championships since 2010, the San Francisco Giants are no exception, and with a home field like AT&T Park, how could you go to any field as great?

AT&T Park is in a league all it’s own.

I first set foot at AT&T Park on August 26, 2007 to celebrate my 20th birthday. I was immediately swept up in the excitement. Better yet was the chance to witness, in person, a 5-4 victory, series ending, three game sweep of the Milwaukee Brewers. And the crowd roars… Thus began my most favorite birthday tradition of all, and as soon as my kids were old enough, I started bringing them to games. Taking a toddler anywhere in public can be challenging. With some planning, it’s possible for everyone to have fun.

Here are some tips for taking your babe out to the ballgame:

Number 1. Purchasing tickets

There’s no such thing as a bad seat. whether you’re Club Level, or in the nosebleeds. The view of the field against the panoramic, San Francisco skyline is unrivaled. The bleachers section is my go-to when I bring the kids. It’s affordable and right in front of the Fan Lot. Toddlers don’t sit still for long, why waste money on good seats if you won’t be able to enjoy them? Children under two aren’t required to have a ticket to enter, but are expected to sit in your lap.

Number 2. How will you get to AT&T Park?

You can take the ferry from Vallejo or Larkspur. If you go early you can explore the endless sights and attractions as you make the two mile walk down the Embarcadero. Strollers are allowed inside. You can fold it up and store it under your seat or check it at Guest Services. For evening games, there’s only one ferry that takes you back after the game, and it fills up so you should get in line around the 8th inning. If you drive, remember to bring cash for toll and parking. There are several lots located near the park. If you get there early enough, the Pier 48 lot is located next to the field inside a garage. It’s $40 to park (I know, yikes!) but it’s only a five minute walk to the entrance.

Number 3. What to bring.

The AT&T Park website states that soft-sided containers (bags, purses, and coolers) are permitted as long as they don’t exceed 16″ x 16″ x 8″. Everything you need will fit in a backpack, and it’s much easier to carry. Pack the necessities; diapers, wipes, first aid kit, sunscreen, hand-sanitizer, etc. There is an array of tasty food and drinks to choose from. Outside food and beverages are permitted with the exception of cans, glass bottles, and alcoholic beverages. I recommend bringing a few “special treats” in case of meltdowns. Bring an activity for the trip or a long line. This busy wallet was a lifesaver! If it’s an evening game, bring layers and a decent-sized, warm blanket to cover up with. It gets cold as soon as that bay fog rolls in.

Number 4. Inside AT&T Park.

The Fan Lot on the Promenade Level has four slides, a miniature version of the ball field where your child can run the bases, and Lego statues of Buster Posey and Madison Bumgarner. Changing stations are located inside every one of the park’s 52 restrooms, as well as an area designated for nursing moms. You can find exact locations on the AT&T Park website or at Guest Services. Stop by Guest Services before the 7th inning for a free, First Game Certificate that will include your child’s name and the date! Free Wi-Fi, a charging station, and a water-filling station are a few more amenities worth noting. 

Take Your Kid to the Ballgame

Win or lose, you’ll leave AT&T Park with that same buzz of excitement you witnessed as you arrived. Check out their Special Events Calendar for fun themes, special promotions, fireworks and giveaways. Stop by the Dugout Store for all of your fan gear needs. Have your picture taken with the World Series trophies. Find a nearby stadium vendor for a delicious churro. Most importantly, remember to let your toddler be a toddler. If they start to get restless, find a corner of the park where they can run in circles shouting “Go Giants!” Heck, why not join them? There’s no better place to do it than AT&T Park, home of the San Francisco Giants!

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  1. Candace Mackey August 14, 2017 at 7:54 pm #

    THANK YOU for posting this…we want to take a toddler to s game, but are apprehensive…this helps a TON!