Passionate About Wine Country
and the Moms Who Live Here

Childhood Cancer: What to Know, What to Do

September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness month. As a parent, I can think of few other things I’d rather be less aware of. But as a Pediatrician, I know that 1 in 285 children is diagnosed with cancer before age 20. And childhood cancer remains the second leading cause of death in children aged 5-14, […]

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Juggling the Farm: Pets, Love, Loss, and More on a Wine Country Homestead

Parenting Through Raising, and Losing, Animals Animals are a lot of work. Pretty much all of us know this. Some “practice” parenthood as a fur mom or dad before venturing into having kids. Some add them to the mix after starting a human family. Whatever experience one has with raising animals, one thing most can […]

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Adulting 101: Powerful Lessons in Action {5 Life Skills for Everyone}

On a recent visit to my sons elementary school, I overheard a teacher speaking to her class about positive versus negative comments. She explained the idea of constructive criticism. And I thought, “Wouldn’t it be amazing if adults could learn to think the same way?” Maybe we need to spend time relearning a few powerful […]

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More S'mores, Please {3 Twists on the Popular Summer Treat}

More S’mores, Please {3 Twists on the Popular Summer Treat}

Summertime is officially here! And summer means s’mores, of course! The delicious combination of buttery graham crackers, toasted (or even slightly burnt) marshmallows, and melting milk chocolate always elicits childhood memories of summer. But sometimes, you want s’mores without the fire (or charcoal BBQ). Luckily, I’ve found three phenomenal ways to enjoy s’mores, and all […]

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