Passionate About Wine Country
and the Moms Who Live Here

The Books (Turned to Movies) of Roald Dahl

It is happening! The long awaited classic Roald Dahl book, The BFG (Big Friendly Giant) is being released as a movie and the director is none other than the great Steven Spielberg. Now I love reading to my son but sometimes you just want to sit on the couch and have a little silence imagination […]

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Gardening with Your Toddler

Toddlers love spending time outdoors discovering nature. Your toddler will find lots of things to investigate in the garden, and if you are prepared with a few toddler gardening activities, you can enhance his or her experience. Gardening with toddlers is the perfect way for parents and children to enjoy the outdoors together. Garden themes […]

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i see you

A Letter from your Teacher at Graduation: I See You

To My Dear Students: Most people who don’t know you make assumptions about you.  They think you are just thirteen-year-olds who are self-obsessed, hormone-driven and ungrateful.  They don’t know the real you, they don’t see what I see, they have no clue about “kids these days.” The truth is, you are fantastic human beings. You […]

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preschool philosophy

The Right Fit: What is a Preschool Philosophy?

I just graduated this month with my Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and to celebrate, I want to share with everyone what I have learned in regards to preschool teaching philosophies! The three most common philosophies we will focus on are traditional Montessori, Reggio Emilia, and Waldorf. When looking for the right preschool to enroll […]

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Riding Shotgun: Kids In the Front Seat

  This weekend the husband and I decided to let our son sit in the front seat of the car. We held off this decision for some time because, to be honest, we were not ready for our little guy to sit in that seat. The one next to the driver–the one that means my tween is […]

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top ten

Up and Away! {Our Top Ten of 100 Published Posts}

Sonoma County Moms Blog is beyond excited to announce that we are officially 100 posts into our launch! Whew, that went fast, didn’t it?! To celebrate, we were hoping you’d enjoy our top ten most popular posts this Saturday. (Aside from the number one spot, below, you can be directed to each post by clicking […]

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love letter featured

A Love Letter to My Son

Dear child, the moment I found out I was pregnant with you, I panicked. I finally had what I wanted for so long and yet I was terrified at the thought of becoming a mom. It took a few months for it to all sink in and for me to get comfortable with this new […]

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boy on fence

Mama Stages: Tween Years

As I sat on my bed skimming through email my tween, almost 11 year old son, sheepishly entered my room with that look on his face like he really wanted to ask a question, but then again wasn’t so certain So I went first. In all seriousness he wanted to know if it was okay […]

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Origin Stories and Questions from Strangers

They ask this question as if I am not really the one who washes his clothes weekly or his cheeks every good night. As if the things I do for him are imagined and full of fairy dust, and half a set of DNA is stronger than the hugs, kisses, cheers, and tears we share. […]

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Enter to Win a Little Tykes Bounce House!

Do you like to win? This week, City Moms Blog Network is celebrating their growth on social media by offering a special giveaway for a super fun bounce house! Anyone is allowed to enter, and this little bounce house is perfect for your summer backyard! ::Click Here to Enter to Win:: May the odds be ever…Well, […]

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