Passionate About Wine Country
and the Moms Who Live Here

Two Good Reasons to Say, “No.”

  People like to say, “the universe won’t give you more than you can handle,” …or something similar. But I don’t believe that. I think sometimes the universe will start hurling obstacles the size of mini vans at you, with the sole intention of you learning to say, “enough is enough. I can’t handle this!” […]

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Summer Vacation & The Working Mom

As spring turns the hills of Sonoma electric green, I am filled with a sense of dread. I do not dread the gorgeous weather and the warm sunny days perfect for swimming. I do not dread bathing suit season (much) – it is summer vacation and the change to our schedule that keeps me up […]

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girl in dress

Can’t Deal: Children and Sensory Issues

  Today in our house there was a huge milestone in the wardrobe department – pants. She wore pants! Now the funny thing here is that if you too deal with this struggle and have identified it, you are smiling as you nod your head. For everyone else, let me explain: My 8 year old […]

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Savvy Business Mama Series {Part Two of Three}

{Disclosure: This series is graciously sponsored by the wonderful Evy’s Tree, a locally based clothier. You can learn more about the savvy business owner, Amy, here.} Savvy Business Sisters: Christina & Nicole These savvy business sisters work in close proximity, in our river city, Petaluma. We just love what they do with their strengths and […]

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Sleep Better with Essential Oils

Sleep Better with Essential Oils

I know it sounds ridiculous, but sleep has escaped me since high school. After burning both ends of the candle in college, then living in London where it seemed no one slept, and now in my thirties with a demanding toddler, a “flexible” work schedule (read: I work ALL hours), too much caffeine throughout the […]

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Travel Child

Tiny Travelers – Exploring the World Before Two

Of all the souvenirs we brought back from France, our daughter is most definitely the favorite. As my husband and I schlepped around Paris, drinking wine, eating cheese, and dreaming of babies, we met parents from all over the world … and closely observed their travel skills. While the foreign crowd seemed to move around […]

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Motherly Advice {video}

Happy Mother's Day! We are so thrilled to bring you this lovely little video, capturing some of our contributors and some beautiful local mamas who graced our screen with their presence! In filming Motherly Advice, we asked our contributors these big questions: What stage are you in now? What would you say to yourself, in [...]
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