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Golden State Coloring Fun {Let Your California Kid Color their Heart Out}

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Mornings with our preschooler are sometimes a drag. She’s the third among a busy family of five, with her older two sisters in many weekly activities and school full-time. For that reason, she’s often “along for the ride.” She’s also perpetually jealous of all the big girl coloring that her sisters get to partake in, and the fact that they go to school a whole three more days than her doesn’t help matters. This is a kid who is hungry to learn. I work from home, so I’m always on the look-out for fun educational opportunities.

Enter Doodles: Golden State Coloring Fun

We recently ordered the Golden State Coloring Fun book, and it’s filling this educational void really nicely. Our ever curious preschooler is fascinated by the state animals. She started with the state fish, a golden trout, and loved coloring it in “rainbow” colors while I gabbed with her about some fun fish facts. We are at the “why” phase in early childhood, which makes learning SO much fun, as long as I have access to Google that is!


While the Golden State coloring book is recommended for ages five and up, we are getting a lot of value out of it for our preschooler. She’s curious and coloring is a natural way to meet her interests with fun information. But Doodles Ave has a lot to offer the preschool set too, including a bunch of free printables, which we just love! (I think our next purchase will be the Doodles Counting
Coloring Fun

There are many fantastic reasons to give your child multiple opportunities for coloring. Whether you’re a homeschooling mama looking to entertain your “along for the ride” set with educational but fun material, or you’re supplementing school work for the school age set, The Golden State Coloring Fun book is a great way to expand your kids passion and pride for our home state.

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