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What’s In a Name? Naming a Baby using “Big Data” and NameInsights

Sonoma County Mom's Blog was approached with the opportunity to explore and to let their readers know about the baby naming website. This post is sponsored.

NameInsights is the brain child of Dr. Brent Kievit-Kylar, a software engineer at Google.  Dr. Kievit-Kylar and his wife agonized over what to name their child after learning that some research suggests that some names make an individual more likely to be hired, liked, and thought of positively, etc. While many websites offer name suggestions and explanation of name origins, NameInsights states that it is the only website to use so called Big Data (surveys, public records, etc.) to give insight into how names might fare in the real world.

Real Science for Lay-Moms (and dads!)

According to Name Insights creator, “Big Data is what distinguishes us from our competitors. Other websites may be able to tell you the popularity of a name or what it means in terms of its entomology, but only Name Insights can tell you how names are used.
Their datasets come from every dataset that they could get our hands on. Let’s take “lucky”, for instance. This comes from a list of lottery winners. Names of lottery winners are required by law to be published in some states, like Massachusetts. They find these data sets, extract them, parse them for names and then process them into understandable measures like our 1-100 rating to make them more accessible.”


naming baby

You can learn about a name, compare names, or have NameInsights recommend names by sharing which factors are most important to you. I started by learning more about the name my husband and I considered the “leader in the clubhouse” – Finn. Here is what shows up:

Digging Deeper

naming baby

The summary page shows the popularity of a name, its frequency, and significant traits. The Personality, Accomplishments, and Features pages highlight different data regarding each name.

naming baby

Clicking on one of the headings, pulls up more detailed descriptions.

naming baby

Recommendations Perfect for Your Unique Name Needs

Perhaps our favorite part about NameInsights is the Recommend Option. Given that there are more names in the world than there are minutes to research them, this program does the heavy lifting for you. NameInsights finds your perfect names through a list of customized filters, set to help you find the perfect mix of unique, masculine, happy and healthy for your family.

NameInsights: Find the Perfect Fit, with Data-Driven Facts

Some of the information is incomplete or “coming soon”, because NameInsights would like an opportunity to let their users help them determine what information is most desirable. All in all, NameInsights is an an analytical, detailed way of looking at baby names, that offers parents an opportunity to understand the name of their child in a deep and developed way. If you are more analytical and/or believe that a name is the first of many decisions that set your child on the right course, NameInsights may just be right for you. 

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