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Orangetheory Fitness Review {Sponsored}

{DISCLOSURE: This post is sponsored by Orangetheory, but the opinions herein are entirely my own!}

review orangetheory fitness gym

I couldn’t volunteer fast enough when we were offered to do a review on Orangetheory Fitness Santa Rosa. I love all things fitness, and I was anxious to see what they were all about, after watching them open a new location at The Coddingtown Mall.

How convenient, shop till you drop then workout till you really drop! And I definitely wanted to do the latter after the High Intensity Interval Training.

entrances at orangtheory fitness

I walked in totally chipper, and was greeted by a friendly smile and super sleek center. I loved how clean everything was. The sunlight was beaming in the lobby, and it made my mid-day work-out seem cheerful. They even sell cold water, fitness apparel, and gym goodies at the front desk.

As a newbie, I was asked about my fitness goals. I was told I came at a great time because it was “Peak Week.” (Peak Week= challenge yourself with a fitness exercise, record your time, and in six months you can try and improve your time.) I came on plank day…I can hear you cheering with me!

gym entrance foyer apparel water row machine

After the paperwork, I got a tour of their center and was educated on class structure. As a fitness instructor myself, I was fascinated by the idea of trying something new and seeing how they ran their program.

Soon, I had a heart rate monitor strapped over my rib-cage, and I was high five-ing Adrianne my instructor, as I made my way into the workout room. There was a group of Orangetheory regulars behind me ready to go!

I chose to start my cardio section of the class on the treadmill first. I jogged, ran, and sprinted my way through the first part of the 45 minute class. All while Amazing Adrianne (I just named her that) cheered and pushed us to our max. The Hot 100 music playing, only pumped me up more.

Next came the strength training portion of the work-out, and the row machine. It included the full-body moves of the row, squat jacks, TRX flys, and you guessed it-The Plank Challenge.

orangetheory gym inside treadmill row machine strength

Nicole, the gym manager, held her plank for 6 minutes! Yup, you read that right. It was so motivating to see everyone, including front of house staff, cheer her on.

After that, we went back to the treadmill for more interval training, all done while keeping an eye on their big T.V. monitor which showcased everyone’s target heart rate. Their program wants you to stay in your Base Zone heart rate, then raise it to your Push Zone heart rate. (When in Push Zone, you burn more calories and you make your heart-rate monitor turn the color orange. It all makes sense now!)

Then I ended the class with more strength training. This time it included a Bosu ball, tricep dumbbell work, and more glute exercises. The back and forth training was incredible for my heart rate and an excellent way to break up the cardio and strength exercises.

trx orangetheory gym instructor

I truly loved my workout at Orangetheory Fitness. It’s a must try for ALL fitness levels. They have “Walker”, “Jogger”, and “Runner” levels, and they encourage and motivate you no matter where you are in your fitness journey. Anyone can walk  in and feel like they received a killer workout.

Nicole (the manager), Adrianne (the instructor), and the rest of the staff were friendly, inspiring, and accommodating. They are an Orangetheory family and they welcomed me back anytime.

Since there was no childcare, like most gyms, I’m already planning my next babysitter so I can take Adrianne up on her challenge of pushing me harder on my next visit. I guess she knew a fellow group fitness instructor wouldn’t back down from an invite like that! Thank you Orangetheory Fitness Santa Rosa for welcoming me. I enjoyed your workout program, clean facility, and hospitality. I’ll be back soon!


{Disclosure: I have been compensated for this post, but all views and opinions are proudly mine.}

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