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Protecting My Skin in the Winter with Trilipiderm {Product Review}

This post is sponsored by our partners at Trilipiderm but all opinions herein are our own.
You guys, I cannot tell you how excited I was to try the Trilipiderm Ultra-Hydrating All-Body Oil. Let’s just say I can easily go on a rant about dry skin. . . The kind of dry where your legs seem to have been given a dusting of a macabre mineral powder that cakes-up at the slightest scratch. Where you feel a distinct kinship with all things reptilian. That kind of dry skin rant.
You see, after moving West from Georgia, my skin has never quite been the same. Say what you want about humidity – that moist heat-suck of a beast does wonders for your skin. And now that we are entering winter, the already arid weather in Wine Country is just getting dryer.  So when I was offered a chance to try a product that promised to end my dry skin for good? 

Of course I’d be down to try it. Please: Sign. Me. Up.

Skin is important. It is something that we vainly try to keep looking youthful, and the founder of Trilipiderm, Frank Fanning, believes protecting your skin also keeps you healthy.

It is the first line of defense. Hydration is important 24/7 because keeping our skin healthy and properly hydrated affects our immune system.~Frank Fanning, founder of Trilipiderm

About the Ultra-Hydrating Body-Oil is great for those living in arid climates, or with dry skin.

With a nourishing blend of Squalane (Olive-Derived), our proprietary Medasynnian™ Lipid Complex (Meadowfoam and Abyssinian Oils) and antioxidant-rich vitamins A, C and E, Trilipiderm® All-Body Oil ensures your skin retains its elasticity and suppleness throughout the day.~Trilipiderm Ultra-Hydrating Body Oil

I’ve been gravitating toward oils for many of my skin care needs lately, so I was thrilled to use the Trilipiderm oil product. You apply via a spray application on your towel-dried body after showering. The bottle itself looked unlike most lotions and oils combating dry skin, and more like something I’d find on the shelves of my dermatologist’s office. Professional, if you will. The spray worked fine. Since I’m liberal in applying almost all body products, I’m sure it helped to keep my use in check.
I personally love the feel of oil when it first goes on. However, when said oils pool on your skin and don’t absorb, like many do? Not so much.

So I was extremely pleased to find that Trilipiderm saturated quickly and didn’t leave behind a greasy, slick residue.

I also really appreciated that- because it is non-comedogenic- I could apply it to my face and neck without fear of breaking out. There was also ZERO scent, which I loved.

After a week’s use, I really began to see the benefits of this product. No longer was I looking down to ashy legs at 2:00 p.m.

I also noticed that my dry patches had totally disappeared.

I mastered the spray application. Using became as daily a routine as brushing my teeth.

After two weeks, I honestly felt I could probably skip a day or two and still have supple skin. But I didn’t want to risk it! Yes, there was a marked change in the texture and appearance of my skin.

I, for once since leaving that beautiful gift that is southern humidity, began to feel I got my “glow” back.

My hands and cuticles also benefited with Trilipiderm, as well. However, I was also almost out of my bottle.
To conclude, I think that anyone suffering from severely dry skin should take this product for a test drive. It works, and it works well. It is a bit pricey, but it’s a worthwhile investment if you’re looking to combat dry skin. That being said, I know a few people who will be getting this in their stocking come Christmas.
Trilipiderm products are available and on sale from December 13th through the 27th in Glen Ellen Market, Sonoma Market, select Nugget Markets and Pharmaca stores throughout the Bay area.

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2 Responses to Protecting My Skin in the Winter with Trilipiderm {Product Review}

  1. frank fanning December 6, 2017 at 9:45 am #

    Hi Jessica
    Terrific blog – thanks
    Need to more together

    • Jessica
      Jessica December 10, 2017 at 8:30 pm #

      Thanks Frank! It’s a great product.
      Question for you: at what age can you use on a child?
      So many of the littles have really dry, but sensitive, skin.
      Thank you!!!